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  • A Course in Murder on Dec. 02, 2011

    What a delightful mystery read! When Buttom goes away to college, she meets a wonderful group of new friends, including a loyal roommate and a prospective serious romance. What she didn't plan on was becoming witness to a murder and being put on the suspect list. Curl up with this one and relive those college days full of new adventures (sans murder, of course!).
  • How Not to Make a Dress on Dec. 27, 2011

    Elizabeth Chater exhibits her ability to "stretch" any "material" to delight her reader. How many of us have dreamed of creating the most tantalizing garment, bought the perfect material and come face to face with the "machine". Enjoy a good chuckle and the excerpt from "September Song".
  • The Elsingham Portrait on Jan. 25, 2012

    This is such a riveting story of Kathryn Hendrix who time travels to the eighteenth century where she is trapped and thought crazy by everyone including her handsome husband. She has gained beauty and wealth in Lady Elsingham's body but how will she retain her sanity is what keeps us reading.
  • The Runaway Debutante on Feb. 16, 2012

    Fun and enchanting story of a brave girl who after being sold off to a debauched Earl by her own father, leaves everything behind to a new life and finds the noble Major Bruce. It's an adventure to read how the girl helps the Major rebuild his castle and both of their lives. All of Elizabeth Chater's works are a delight.
  • Omegasphere on Feb. 23, 2012

    Another great science fiction book by Chris Chater. He just seems to get better and better. I don't think there's anyone, whether writer or reader, who hasn't wondered where the ideas come from that inspire writers to put them in the form of a book or movie. Chris Chater attacks this question with a wonderful, suspenseful story about Kurt Robbins who hopes he has finally submitted the transcript that will make all of his dreams come true. Instead, he is thrown into the Omegasphere where his very life, and perhaps that of the world, is threatened with destruction. A nice romance develops also. You'll like this one!