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Smashwords book reviews by J.S. Turner

  • The Summoner on Aug. 01, 2012

    Randy Massey is a first time author who possesses a wonderful gift, the gift of storytelling. The Summoner is a tale of majestic proportions. The journey you take once you begin reading this novel is suspenseful, magical and vividly entertaining. The lands of Arth and its inhabitants are brought to life by a warm and welcoming narrator. I cannot remember the last time I read a book that painted a landscape as clearly as this one. There are so many wonderful beings, who each have a background, a colorful history that makes them the characters that they are. Even now, after having finished the book, I am still wanting more. I recommend The Summoner by Randy Massey to any person, young or old that wants to travel to a distant world and be part of an epic adventure.
  • The Legacy of Daddy on Jan. 31, 2013

    Legacy of Daddy is a true science fiction book. The first real sci-fi I have read since Ender’s Game. Angus Day is a master engineer who makes science and literature merge seamlessly, and apparently with an ease I envy. Legacy of Daddy is an amazing journey, at times witty, heart breaking, at times heated and sexy, it was simply true to emotions we as humans feel throughout our tiny lifetimes. You can discuss this book on so many levels, you can debate over ideas and ideals, or just simply kick back and enjoy the ride. Angus Day challenges you, demands that you think outside of your magnificent brain and get your hands dirty. Politics, hierarchy, scheming, conspiracies, love, hate, revenge, secrets, it’s all here!