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  • Second on Oct. 06, 2010

    Well worth the price indeed! This story is a very solid, believable piece of work. The character development and interaction are very well done and even the secondary characters have that sense of depth. Not *quite* a coming-of-age story, it still touches on familiar themes. It just does them better than most. Trust, leadership, and responsibility are the major issues the characters have to deal with. The resulting philosophy is just as applicable to the real world as to the story, which helps ground the whole thing. There's nothing simple or easy about anything; the antagonist is someone you would love to hate, but it turns out not to be so straight-forward. That's not something you tend to see often, and it was masterfully done. A very in-depth and thought provoking story! I must get my friends to read it as well so I have someone to talk to about it. (I am also very greedy for more of the author/artist's work.)
  • Fire in the Void on Oct. 18, 2010
    (no rating)
    Another well-written Jokka short with a memorable main character. Even in such a short story, the author's ability to give depth of character and world shines. My only quibble is that it seems to end abruptly. That may have been the intent, but it seemed sudden to me. Over all I did enjoy this and think it fits well into the growing library of Jokka stories. Many touch on religion, few focus on it, and only this one calls it into direct question and gets an answer.
  • A Trifold Spiral Knot on Oct. 20, 2010
    (no rating)
    It's rare that an author is able to portray an entirely alien culture in such a strong way. Not only is the author able to handle the social and biological issues of the Jokka, she is able to show how those things change and become strange to the Jokka themselves. This story also has some of the best descriptions of colors I've ever seen. The Jokka are a people with a great love of complex color (and better eyes to see it with), and the author's poetic writing compliments and delivers it perfectly.
  • The Elements of Freedom on Nov. 04, 2010
    (no rating)
    Finally we get to see inside an Alliance race that we've never seen before. This story is all about culture, without the shiny technological bells and whistles of the Alliance. The author's usual way with description brings the Ciracaana and their world to vibrant life and really implies a lot of history to them. There are a lot of good themes in this one; it's a great feel-good story. Finding oneself and freedom are the main ones. Very uplifting story, showing a defining moment of someone's life.
  • Rosettes and Ribbons on Nov. 08, 2010
    (no rating)
    Culture clash, intrigue, danger, and archeology! Another short story delving into a less well-known Pelted race, the Aera. The Aera are nothing if not outrageous, a wonderful contrast to the rather bookish main character. The current intrigue and deceptions tie in with an Aera myth which is discussed at length and even gives a few clues. I love that sort of historical connection and similarities. Besides, how often do you see archeology in sci-fi?