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  • Strange New Feet on July 28, 2010

    Strange New Feet, “What a strange title” I thought as I began to read this science fiction book. I am a slow reader who requires the author to write in such a way that must quickly grasp my attention or I put it down never to return. This was not the case as this author soon had me finding excuses to sit down and read more. When I read of “Safia” the young women with a gift for detecting illness in the human body, my emotions caught up with me. Tears, laughter, anger, tenderness and love will be just some of the feelings poured into your conscience while reading this unbelievable story. Twice I decided what the ending of the book would be and twice I was wrong. This author has a talent for sucking you into the story with such intensity that you soon are one of its characters. First one character and then another. Each person or thing you find yourself attached to will bring up emotions you didn’t realize you possessed. You will find that the book you began reading as science fiction, has now turned into something much more complex! Something you will not necessarily want to bring to the forefront. Emotions we all must face before we move on. After reading Strange New Feet, you will have to face what we all must face. Does God create junk? Who has the right to judge who should live or not live in our commune? Should we allow fear of the unknown to determine who lives or who dies? Can love conquer those fears? The author of Strange New Feet has obviously studied the science of genetics as she expresses all the oddities of the human body. But even more, she touches the heart and soul of our complex behavior. As for myself, I will never again look at a human being in the same way.