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Smashwords book reviews by John Ladore

  • An Indonesian Love Story on May 25, 2012

    Like it says, it's a mix of sad romance, hard sex, and how to guide. The sad romance is the best part and will win over anyone whose a sucker for sad beautiful stories like I am. The hard sex, though it teases you at the start, doesn't really get going until the middle of the book. But it is truly uh, hard. Lots of bondage and pain and people so carried away with sex they can't help themselves. I don't know if Indonesian women really like bondage as much as he says, but I sure wanna find out. And I have a hard time believing some of them could be so into public sex in a Muslim country. Think I'll visit Indonesia myself. A place with lots of sex crazed curious virgins sounds like paradise. The how to part is more implied throughout. Wish he'd write a how to guide all by itself.
  • The End of Texas on May 25, 2012

    A lot it is history more than historical fiction. The intro is all Texas history, though it sure is interesting. Sure makes you distrust John Wayne and Chuck Norris movies as a lot of hokum. The first two chapters are more looks at the Texas militia movement, which looks pretty damned scary. Perry comes off as a bigger doofus here than he did in the debates. Almost every chapter gives you some "you never knew this did you" history of the state before getting into the story, and thats really the best parts. He really needs to write characters, so no five stars. Except for Perry and one Mexican leader theres no real characters except for some militia crazies. And there's some mighty interesting maps, and lots of notes at the end. His being a history professor really shows. Hope he does another one when he learns to write characters. The Confederate tyrant one looks interesting.
  • Smashwords Style Guide on July 01, 2012

    A mix of good and bad, mostly good. Nearly all the guide is quite well done, very clear, very helpful. The one big exception is the section on getting links within a book to each chapter. You said to simply type in Chapter and your software would pick it up automatically. WRONG. It does not do so for either of my books. So, back to square one, I tried following the other directions on getting links to chapters within my books. Because otherwise I can't get them into your premmium catalog. That part of the book could not be more different from the rest, dense, confusing, and ultimately not very helpful to me. Call me extremely frustrated, and I would bet not the only one.