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I'm originally from London, a little place called Notting Hill, born when the world was the street where you lived. To give you an idea, only three people down our road actually owned a telephone and bath night was a weekly event. Until you've had a strip down wash at the kitchen sink, you don't know you're living!

Like Scout, I can't recall not being able to read, and the world of Narnia quickly became a favourite. In the closing pages of 'The Last Battle' C S Lewis tells his young audience "you cannot begin to imagine the adventures they had." (Or words to that effect). I took this as a personal challenge. While I could never hope to emulate Lewis's work, I've had fun trying.

That's really how I think of myself, a reader who enjoys writing the sort of books I'd want to read. Now with indie publishing, I'm sharing those stories - something I never imagined in my wildest dreams and it's the best feeling in the world.

Even though I'm all grown up now, with two sons who grow a couple of inches every time my back's turned, there is still a child inside who wants to believe in magic and other worlds. Thankfully, these worlds do exist and we can enter anytime we open a book, or fire up our kindles.

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