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A love of reading led to a love of writing for Julie Harrington. With eclectic tastes in genres (not to mention music, hobbies, and purses), her writing career produced a mystery/paranormal/horror and mystery novel before bringing her full circle to her first love: Contemporary Romance.

Her first and second romance novels, "Ship Shape" and "Tinsel", take readers from the beautiful, sunny, sexy islands of the Caymans to the cold, dark, winter streets of Chicago.

"Something To Talk About," her third novel - and finalist in the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Contest - was released in April of 2012 by The Wild Rose Press.

Julie believes that falling in love should always be an adventure, and that reading a book should always take readers on an adventure they'll love.

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  • Torn on Dec. 21, 2011

    Torn is the ultimate What If? scenario. What if you found your soul mate in the most unexpected of places... and they were already married? Torn takes you from remote Montana to Hollywood. From snowy hills to the bright red carpet. It's a clash not only of cultures (as Hollywood invades Montana) but of racism, ethics, morals and beliefs, and it challenges the readers to think about soul mates, love, marriage, and where faith and fate fit in. Hollywood Hottie Tyler Benson meets Chelsea Morgan on the set of his next big blockbuster in Montana. It's there they discover -- while posing as onscreen husband and wife -- that fiction and reality are blurring. It's just too bad they're married in real life to OTHER people. It's a complicated story because Chelsea's life is comfortable with a caring husband and children, but for Chelsea, it's obvious something's missing. A shadow hangs over the story you can't quit put your finger on. And when the big secret is revealed? It's clear the author is an evil genius. Tyler, however, isn't quite so happy in his real life marriage. His wife is a shrew. They're pretty much home-less, childless, and miserable. So the more time he spends with Chelsea and her family, the more Ty sees what his life could be. By the end of the book things are super complicated. As a reader, I was torn about which characters I liked, didn't like, was rooting for and wasn't... but that's the way life is. It's messy, it's complicated and until you know all the secrets and all the truths, you're not sure how to feel about things. What I really liked about this book is that nobody in it is all "bad" or all "good," which makes the read more intriguing. I didn't think at first that this story would be my "thing" as the idea of adultery and affairs, etc., is not an easy subject to broach, but its tackled well here (not to mention with some steamy love scenes). But the main reason I gave this story its 4 star rating is because Torn makes you read on and it makes you want to finish because you *have* to know how it ends. Torn is going to be a book one of those books where readers will each walk away with something different -- definitely different opinions on the characters, whose to blame for what, who deserved what they got and who got off lucky -- and I love books like that because it's the kind of story that gets people talking and will definitely lead to some great conversations with friends over lunch! Readers will be torn about Torn, and I can't wait to see what others think in their reviews.