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Marie grew up on the Springfield Gardens/Rosedale border of Queens, NY in a working/middle class neighborhood. She has lived in both New York and Maryland and is preparing to move to Pennsylvania very soon. She is just semesters away from graduating college with a bachelor degree in Information Technology and would like to return to college later on to pursue a degree in English Lit.

Marie has many loves which include cooking, traveling and music (She's an enormous Zeppelin fan). But her biggest loves are writing and reading. She has an enormous collection of stories that she has written over the years. They range from horror stories to romance to supernatural romances to erotica. Marie loves to have feedback so please feel free to write it. Reader satisfaction is always her biggest goal.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a working/middle class neighborhood in Queens. My dad was a Vietnam vet who worked for a phone company called NYNEX (That's way old school), he passed away when I was ten. My mom was a stay at home mom until I was three and then she went back to teaching. I was actually in the class next to hers so I always had to be a good girl. They always encouraged us to read, explore and fight for our dreams.

Both of my parents were avid readers and my mom was, and still is, a great storyteller. I think her stories where what helped to awaken my imagination where as dad was a bit more on the straight and narrow. I never saw him read a novel but he would read the Daily News and the New York Times from front page to the back page every day.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I have a few joys of writing. The first joy of writing is my readers. I love to read people's reactions to my stories. I love when someone writes me and tells me what they liked and what they didn't like and what should be changed. Feedback gives me insight to my readers so write to me, write to me, write to me. You can friend me, tweet me or read my blog and leave a message. Tell me if you didn't like something so that next time I write a story or a sequel to a story, I'm be mindful of what my readers hate.

Another great joy of writing for me is creating people and worlds. I get to step outside of myself and create this person and his or her world. When you write, you're giving the reader insight to a situation. You're placing the characters worst, best and most intimate moments on display for all to see. You're kind of going behind the scenes of this persons life and you can see little parts of yourself in the hero or heroine or a friend or family member. Its, to me, the best thing about being a writer and I think that is incredibly fun. I can create towns, homes and situations, and I can make the characters as rich or as poor as I want.

So its cathartic for me to step out of my life for a few hours, leave myself behind, and step into this world that I've created. Sometimes with life you really need an escape. For some people its pets, or video games, or cooking or gardening, but for me it's writing.
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