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Smashwords book reviews by Kristy00

  • The Mating (The original Law of the Lycans story) on Nov. 22, 2012

    Really enjoyed this!! I found the beginning a bit choppy but stuck with it and was glad I did! I couldn't read this fast enough and I went straight to the next book in the series. Well done!!
  • The Keeping on Nov. 22, 2012

    I really enjoyed this book! After reading The Mating, I went straight on - I had to know what happened to the characters!! Ryne does not disappoint!!!
  • Uninvolved on Jan. 08, 2013

    I could write a paragraph summary of this book, but Carey said it best on the back cover – “What happens when two commitment-phobes fall for each other?” That’s exactly what this book is, the struggle of both main characters when they realize that they actually have the desire for more in a relationship, and overcoming their fear about it. I definitely enjoyed this book. It was a perfect afternoon indulgent read. It’s not hard hitting, or overly emotional, but it is a solid romance with interesting characters and a totally hot and desirable leading man. ;) Nate really got me going - witty, sarcastic, a hint of danger, glimpses of dominance, a total tease…need I go on? If anything, I wish I saw more of him in the book – only because I totally and unabashedly have the hots for him. I really appreciated this book’s take on romance. When you are dealing with two commitment-phobes, you aren’t going to find declarations of love by page 20. Things were slowly built up, lots of little teases, many places where I found myself going “What? Don’t leave it like this!” as the characters struggled between their growing feelings and their instinct to avoid being hurt. It made the book a journey, which I really liked – and did I mention Nate was totally hot?
  • Sweet Blood of Mine on Jan. 16, 2013
    (no rating)
    Just finished Sweet Blood of Mine by John Corwin and I have to say I really enjoyed it! It had all the basics - well written (although I had a bit of trouble getting into it at the beginning, but maybe that was because I was coming off an adult read?), interesting story, and I loved the nerdy kid turns...well, still nerdy but confident, angle. The humour in this book really grabbed me. I found myself smiling or laughing consistently at something that was said or done. The sarcastic wit was right up my alley. For example, "My fist was going to get pregnant if I kept bumping it with everyone I ran into." Bwah ha ha ha!! Definitely entertaining! Mostly the humor came from the insight into Justin's mind, which made him so real to me and you know what a sucker I am for real characters! It was a bit crude sometimes (ie: talks about "little Justin" lol) , and for that reason this would not be a book I would recommend to the tweens, but I felt these comments and feelings were accurate and totally true to an 18 year old mind. It added immensely to my enjoyment of the book. It was also really refreshing to see a book from a male point of view, so often in YA these stories are told from the POV of a female. Last but certainly not least, this book also manages to touch on topics like fitting in, being and finding yourself, teen drinking, teen sex, bullying and more. Given the storyline, sex and the desire for it do come up often, (the kid does get sexual superpowers!) so keep that in mind for any teens. Even with this, John managed to impart many lessons and I found many tidbits that spoke to me as an adult. Overall, I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars on my YA scale. It was entertaining and interesting, but sometimes I do think the attitudes and actions of the main character were a little too "adult" for a YA book. It suited the story though, and I would recommend it to an older teen crowd. I will definitely be getting the next book in this series, Dark Light of Mine!