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Lori Crane is a native Mississippi belle currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a professional musician by night, an indie author by day. She is a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of the American Revolution, United States Daughters of 1812, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the Historical Novel Society.

Smashwords Interview

Tell us about yourself.
I am an author of Southern historical fiction and the occasional thriller. I started writing novels professionally in 2012, although before that, I wrote songs and television/radio commercials for a living. Writing a story is the same, but I have the freedom to use more words and make it longer than thirty seconds. Since 2012, I’ve released seven novels and have four more slated for release in 2015. When I’m not writing, I work on Norwegian Cruise Lines as a dueling piano player. If you’ve never seen a dueling show, it’s an adult experience. I sing bawdy songs and tell off-color jokes and get paid for it—think twenty-first century Mae West. When I’m not on a ship, I reside in Nashville, Tennessee with my trophy husband and a menagerie of critters. I’m an indie author and self-published, and my coming release is "I, John Culpepper."
What's the story behind your latest release?
My coming April 2015 release will be the first in the four-book Culpepper Saga, "I, John Culpepper." The series is based on the life of John Culpepper.

John is believed to be the father of all modern-day Culpeppers. He was my 10th great grandfather, and this story stems from decades of genealogical research by myself and others. I found there were sixteen living Barons and Earls in the Culpepper family in England in the late 1500s. They had enormous wealth, vast land holdings, and great manor houses, many of which are still standing today. (Note: All of the English houses in this story: Wisell Manor, Astwood Court, Greenway Court, and Leeds Castle, are still standing and occupied today and can be seen online at www.facebook.com/culpepper.saga.) This was the privilege John Culpepper was born into. I found myself wondering how and why, when they possessed such great power and prestige, they chose to move to an inhospitable land filled with Indians and face possible starvation and death. Why would they leave the comfort of their manor houses and live in probable squalor? How did they end up becoming the modest people I knew in my youth in Mississippi?

As I researched the family to find which one came to America first, I ran into the problem most Culpepper researchers run into. Each man named John had a brother named Thomas. Each John and Thomas had sons named John and Thomas. As the family grew, cousins and second cousins were all named John and Thomas, and they occasionally married within the family, creating a whole new tangled web of Culpepper history. The records blurred. The history became confusing. English records were destroyed. Colonial records were incomplete. After committing the timelines of all of the different Johns and Thomases to paper, I believe I have sorted out which one was which. In an attempt to keep them straight in the reader’s mind, I have given some of them nicknames, yet be assured, they are all listed in historical records as John or Thomas. Of course, as new documents are uncovered, it is possible that my theory is just as mistaken as other theories I have studied.

As I researched the first John Culpepper who immigrated to America, I began unraveling the family’s history and believe I have found the answers to the above questions of how and why they ended up in America, along with shocking tales of what happened to them once they arrived. There are four books in this series, beginning on the day John was born, and ending on the day of his death, but John is not the only story here. There are far too many religious and political events and bold and brave personalities surrounding the family to ignore. These events and people shaped the man we know as John Culpepper, and it would be impossible to trim the stories down and place them into one book. There are four distinct stories surrounding John Culpepper: his youth, his manhood, his rise to family patriarch, and his coming to terms with his past. Enjoy his journey as this series uncovers a life of passion, heroism and bravery, love and forgiveness, and ultimately, truth. Truth of our history and Truth about life itself.
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