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Life is getting better all the time.. lol

California born and raised
Came to OK wen things got crazed

Lost my brother in 1998
I know ~ thats just great /-(

Youngest child of us five
Now there's only two alive

Laurie, Pam, and Ann makes 3
Now there's just, the oldest, Becky and me

Lost my mom in 1973
When the car struck a tree

Lost my Grams in 1988
On the day I turned 28

Almost died in 2006
Heart valve they had to fix

Through the stress of my life
Gave to GOD my pain and strife

Anything else you want to know
Just ask me ~ I'll tell you so

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  • The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part I on Sep. 19, 2011
    (no rating)
    I loved this first installment, oh yeah, ARC for Review! I love Chloe's determination to avenge her mother's murder... 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Conceived in Darkness on Sep. 19, 2011
    (no rating)
    This is an awesome story, very well written, drew me in from the start! 5 out of 5 Hearts ~ Lovetiggi's Book Reviews
  • Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Part 2 on Oct. 03, 2011
    (no rating)
    Wow!! What an amazing installment...I can't wait for Installment 3. Vultar and Setiana have a love child or is it children? OMy What a cliff hanger! 5 out of 5 Hearts Lovetiggi's Book Reviews
  • Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Part 4 on Jan. 03, 2012

    This is the final installment of this short story series. We find Setiana hearing the voices of her people as they get closer, breathless and hurting, she can't call out them. They find her foe first, when Vultar approaches her, with fear on her face, she tells him," She attacked me." Puh~leeze ~/! She begs to go back to the dwellings. Setiana may not be found, even though she can see and hear them, needing to get their attention somehow, what will she do? Vultar is enraged and does not believe her lies ~ OMGosh ~ what happens next is her just rewards. Setiana has been found now, and is horrified by the screams, Vultar comforts her and Takes away from there. Helps her clean up and advises her that new guests are coming. These new guests arrive with twists and turns I had no idea were coming!! Awesome! I was totally blown away with this series, the world created is one of a kind and the characters are oh so dreamy. I recommend this short series for all YA lovers.
  • Aaibhe Shee Queen on June 29, 2012

    ARC for Review ~ First off let's begin with this an ADULTS ONLY read! Wow Poor Conall!! I just finished this short story by Claudy Conn, it does give you a lot of info into the background of Queen Aaibhe (Ah-hibbe) and just how she became Queen. It also tells the story of a love so deep, one that can not be denied, so much so, that it sets into motion a series of events that had me glued to my seat. Claudy has a way with her writing that is very crisp, clear, and easy to follow, wording it in such a way that you feel right along with the characters, putting you on the sidelines as the story unfolds.The characters are likable, believable, and furthermore, they are amazing to visualize. The world building is awesome, imagine seeing something materialize with the simple move of finger, I really enjoyed this intro to the Legend Series, as I call it.. I recommend this to those 18+ due its sexually graphic nature and strong language. 5 out of 5 Lovetiggi's Book Reviews
  • Shadowlove-Stalkers on July 21, 2012

    ARC for Review. OMGosh I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Thank you Claudy for being generous and allowing me to explore this Amazing world full of suspense, mystery, betrayal, jealousy, gorgeous, lovable characters,with action packed fight scenes with a touch of horror to keep you guessing who in world is that, and just enough eroticism to spice it perfectly. Shawna Rawley is a young woman on the run from her biological father who after finding out about her, wants to turn her. She likes who she is and will do whatever it takes to stay that way. Enter Chad MacFare, a her world is about to embark on a journey that makes her blood boil in more ways then one. He has his own reasons for wanting her father, Pentim dead, and wants use her as bait! Oh the nerve of that one.. Will they succeed or fail? Exceptionally well written, easy to follow, characters are well described and lovable or worthy of despise. The world building is awesome and consistent from beginning to end.I fell in love with Claudy’s writing style. I recommend this book to all 18+ readers out there who like a multi-layered paranormal read with some spice.
  • Prince in the Mist on July 22, 2012

    ARC for Review!! Claudy Conn has done it again! The world is chockful of romance, betrayal, action and more. Perfectly paced making for a easy read. The main characters are awesome making it a wonderful read, even the supporting characters have their own story within. This short story really gives a deeper look into Breslyn and the mischievousness his character can be. In Prince in the Mist we find Breslyn, a tall, gorgeous Royal Fae Prince going against the grain of the Fae laws. He is captivated by the lovely human, Chartelle at first sight and rules be damned. He is compassionate, yet, brutal when situations call for it. Chartelle, is a young woman with a problematic life of her own, yet, she cannot nor does not want to stay away from Breslyn. Thus the lovin' begins. I recommend this erotic short for the 18+ readers who like erotic Fae reads. 5 out of 5 Hearts Lovetiggi's Book Reviews
  • Blood Thirst on Oct. 11, 2012

    ARC for Review. OMGosh Thanks for the opportunity to Read-N-Review this first Installment of Charleston Vampire Chronicles - Blood Thirst by L. A. Freed. I does NOT disappoint. First off I went into this blind, not knowing what to expect. WOW! I was drawn in from the start when Angela Trenton is attacked and left for dead. As she wonders what is happening to her, Elijah, an older vampire enters her world and the story takes off into an amazing journey through Angela's vampiric transformation. Angela is dead and Ainjul is born, I think because Elijah is from a different time, his pronunciation is different, anyway, Ainjul is the name used for Angela from this point on. As Ainjul goes through the 3 month transformation, the author's writing describes what is happening in detail making this story uniquely different from all others I have read.. She has even a canine vampire, now that is an awesome twist, the name of this canine is, well let's just say, fun. When Ainjul finally meets Matthew the story gets really intriguing, a real page turner for sure. The world is very well described, consistent, full of intense emotions, mystery, suspense, terror, and a little of well placed humor. I enjoyed reading this immensely... The characters are well described bringing their victories and defeats to life.. Absolutely Amazing.. I would recommend this read for those 18+ and over due to its mature theme. 5 out of 5 Hearts Lovetiggi's Book Reviews