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  • Dark Before Dawn on Sep. 29, 2012

    Note: I have received this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Dark Before Dawn revolves around a high school girl named Dawn that has psychic abilities but has never had any training or any one to rely to help her explain her abilities or how to control and harness them. Moving to a new town would be hard for anyone but especially for Dawn who in the past has slipped up and been made fun of for her abilities. Not to mention that she has an un-supportive mother who just tries to ignore them. Dawn was a believable character and was extremely strong willed and moral. The book overall was a pretty easy read that went by fast. The story goes into a lot of detail but somehow still manages to feel like the plot as a whole isn't that developed. I was left expecting there to be more of the story, maybe there will be a sequel?
  • Immortal Prophecy on Sep. 29, 2012

    Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Two men are after her and she has lived her life not knowing why. After receiving a prophecy from a fortuneteller when she was but sixteen years old, Alessandra, had no idea what was going to happen to her. Five years later she was dragged into a world that was her destiny all her life and she had to follow her heart for her power to be realized. This book was intoxicatingly engrossing. I found the story line extremely easy to follow and the characters are believable. There were twists and turns that I was not expecting to find. I am interested to learn how the story is going to progress with the next book.
  • Life of the Party on Nov. 09, 2012

    Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I thought I would like this book with all of the other fab reviews. I was also intrigued by the summary description but it just wasn't for me. The cover just did nothing for me. Mackenzie got to me right away, she seemed extremely spoiled and self absorbed. She never got better for me through the whole entire story, I just really didn't like her. Grey seemed horrible, I didn't get the appeal at all. I do have to say that the interaction between the characters was great. Riley was my favorite character out of all of them. He seemed to be the most sincere and most humane, always protecting and trying to do the right thing. Overall the story was well written even though I had a hard time finishing it to the end.
  • Never Too Late (Changes #1) on Nov. 09, 2012

    Everyone has to learn some tough lessons in life and this story really brings across the reality of that situation. With that being said some of the chapters were a little harder to get through, some issues were solved a little too easily it seemed for the gravity of the situation. To each their own though, the characterization fit nicely in and the characters themselves blended easily together. I will definitely be reading the second one, Jay Howard makes characters come alive.
  • Wander Home on Nov. 09, 2012

    I like the concept for this book and the story was intriguing. I did however, have a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept and actually getting into the story. Once the reader can get through the changes and the actual world of the afterlife it is easier reading. The characters show growth throughout and are relatable on some level. Overall I did enjoy reading the book though the first part was hard to get through.
  • New Beginnings (Changes #2) on Nov. 09, 2012

    I liked the overall story; it was very convincing in the outcome and telling. The interactions between the characters is thought-provoking to read and fascinating to follow. I did find the description to be lacking in parts mainly concerning the towns and in others like the horses there was an abundance of explanation. It is an enjoyable follow up to her first novel.
  • Whorticulture on Dec. 04, 2012

    Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. These four nineteenth century American short stories are compelling. The stories are linked by each woman’s will to survive and their will to do whatever they have to. There is a great deal of research that had gone into creating these stories and the women’s lives. The stories are informative and vivid. The only problem I had with these stories is that they needed a long introduction into the women’s back-stories that slows the pace down.