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Smashwords book reviews by Amanda Clark

  • Petals on Nov. 18, 2012
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    This book was a really beautiful version of an old classic. Calla is a young girl who sees her beauty as a burden. Always being stared at by other girls and hit on by the guys, all she wants is to not be so beautiful! (Can't imagine what that feels like lol) When her dad takes a job overseas she ends up moving in with one of his high school friends for the summer. Everything seems fine until she comes face to face with Griffin. Poor Griffin!! One side of his face is severely scarred up and Calla doesn't know why. All she knows is that looking at him makes her skin crawl and her stomach feel weird. She tries to make the best of being there and becomes close to Griffins mother Elisabeth and his grandmother Eloise. They dote on her and take her shopping to help her transition into staying there a little easier. It is easy to say that Griffin and Calla do not get along at all! They argue a lot causing his mother to stress out. Once his grandmother Eloise has a talk with Calla about being nice and trying to get along with Griffin things calm down a little. On a shopping trip with his mother a car full of guys start harassing Calla and making her feel uncomfortable, when Griffin drives up and runs them off! This is where Griffin becomes less of a jerk and turns my decision about his character around. After this incident his grandmother pushes them together for horse riding lessons trying to be sneaky! He starts to soften to Calla and they get to know each other a little better and start to actually bond. She finds out the reason he has treated her so mean, and an attraction develops between them. As the story progresses Calla starts to uncover a family secret revolving around why Griffin's face is scarred so badly. Once uncovered, Griffin confides something in her that sends her running to her brother who lives in Hawaii just to get away from the truth. OMG! I died so many times while reading this book I think my ghost is writing this right now! The love story between Calla and Griffin was so sweet and romantic once you get to know why the characters are the way they are. When I started reading this book, I thought Calla was a little stuck on herself. She comes off as vain and you start to wonder if maybe Griffin is right to assume she's vapid, but once you get to know what she goes through because of that beauty you understand why. She has been harassed and stared at pretty much her whole life and I can imagine that would get on your nerves after a while. I didn't want to love Griffin's character though. I thought when he came onto the scene he would not make me fall for him because he was so mean to Calla. That didn't last long because as soon as I found out why he was so mean I fell hard for him! Watching him start to open up to Calla was like watching a rose bloom, it was an amazing feeling! There was one scene where he protected her and made sure she was alright before he did anything for himself. I don't want to give away too much but my favorite part had to be the hospital scene! UGH! That was soooo good! I think it goes without saying that I really loved this book. I have always loved the Beauty and The Beast story especially Disney's version because I am a giant child! Overall I loved the story and the message behind it was powerful. That no matter where you are in life you have a purpose and value. Some of you may not agree with the spiritual undertones in the book but I personally don't think that would hinder you from enjoying it anyway. If you are looking for a good, clean romantic Young Adult story then Petals should be your next conquest!
  • Tell Me You Want Me on Dec. 10, 2012
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    As I always do I ended up reading Secret Storm (which is the book after this one) before I read this so I had an idea of how things would go. I loved Jane and Austin in Secret Storm and now I know why! Jane was a shy soccer player until Austin came along and broke her out of her shell. When he first comes into the picture you instantly hate his guts but after a while you can't help but love him. These two characters are almost total opposites but somehow make things work between them despite Austins past. He spent most of his childhood watching his Dad cheat on his mom and Austin swore not to ever hurt a woman that way. Even though he kept his relationships casual he realizes he still hurt the girls he was with. Somehow Jane gets under his skin and helps him grow into a better man as the story progresses. I absolutely fell for these two characters. Jane was strong and willful but she also kept Austin in line when he needed it and fought for what she wanted. Austin was a prick at first but once you peeled away the layers you started to see he was just screwed up from watching his parents flounder. The supporting characters Sara and Jack made me giddy because their book was just as good and seeing how things began was exciting! The writing was well done and the entire story was well paced and didn't rush anything to get to another part of the story. Last but not least I can't leave out the yummy sexy goodness in this book! "Tell me you want me." He groaned, his voice rough. "I want you, Austin." She moved her hips, begging for him. LOVE IT! The chemistry between Jane and Austin was palpable almost so much you could touch it. I loved watching Austin give in to his desire for Jane. They couldn't keep their hands off each other throughout the book and I loved every minute! Of course Austin has to overcome the stigma his Father has drilled into him and him and Jane face some trials but everything was wrapped up so nicely I want to turn right back around and start re-reading it again! I love the way the Author blends romance and sex with every page turned and keeps you hooked into the story with that mixture. She makes you root for the characters after you have fallen for them! I am torn between this being my favorite and loving Secret Storm beyond words! I'll take Jack and Austin any day of the week! (Reviewed by Hootie of Globug and Hootie need a book)