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  • Revenge...No Statute of Limitations on Dec. 14, 2011

    What a fun read. I really like our Indie writers. I was interested from page one, Why would someone kidnap 4 women? The more I read the more the story drew me in and the faster the pace, multiple stories going on at the same time, the kidnapper, the women, the FBI investigation, the husbands, the romance between the FBI agents. I didn't know whether to hate or love the kidnapper, how can you like a kidnapper?? The author did a good job of making the story very believable. I had read in a review that the reader would be putting friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc in the characters places and I caught myself doing just that. That made for a nice twist to reading the story. I kept looking for the REVENGE and was rewarded with what I thought was the Revenge but later found out what the real revenge was. The ending was a surprise and I loved it. Pure Revenge that is timed for the MOST effect. GOOD FUN read -- I recommend it