Mark Henrikson


Mark Henrikson grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis Missouri and attended the University of Missouri, Columbia where he earned a bachelors degree in Finance and Economics in 1998. He later earned his Masters of Business Administration from Lindenwood University.
Mark’s love of story telling began at a young age while listening to imaginative, and often times scary, bedtime stories by his father Brian Henrikson. His respect for the written word was reinforced by the attentive eye of his mother who taught English for many years at St. Charles High School.
Mark has been happily married since 2000 and is the proud father of two children. He works as a financial analyst and uses his fiction writing as a creative outlet from the rather sterile profession he none the less enjoys. His first novel Origins, which is the first of a five book series, began as a two page plot write-up his older brother decided was not going anywhere. With his permission, Mark used that synopsis as back story for the main character in the Origins series and allowed his creativity to take over from there.

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