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  • Caged in Darkness on Sep. 09, 2011

    I'm glad I finally found this book (since it wasn't available in paper form) and I really liked :)
  • Blood Will Tell (Warriors of Ankh #1) on Sep. 09, 2011

    I just love this series :)
  • Blood Past (Warriors of Ankh #2) on Sep. 09, 2011

    It just keeps getting better :)
  • Enchantment (The Channie Series Book One) on Nov. 03, 2011

    Ok so first, I'm a little in love with both Josh and this story! Second, I don't know if I feel more sorry or frustrated for Channie. I really enjoyed this! I have nothing but good things to say, except for Channie's parents, who are pretty horrible, but if they weren't horrible the story wouldn't be so heart warming, so I guess that means I only have good things to say! I am even more happy to find out there is another book to continue this wonderful path! YAY! with all the twists and turns and total punch-you-in-the-gut surprises, I did not put this book down! Literally! And the writing made it so easy to just fly right through it! So extra high fives from me and thank you again for the opportunity! I WILL be buying the next one!
  • Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark #1) on Nov. 18, 2011

    First, another fun one from read 2 review!! Thanks for that! Now, I liked this one. I like that the main character doubts her decisions and questions things. I liked the other characters, especially the twins. I like that this book helps homosexual teens know its ok to be just that. I think it's great that all the monsters are not bad and not all humans are good either. All in all, good one, I've already bought the next installment :)
  • Angel Evolution on Dec. 02, 2011

    Hmmm, do my first thought is....."oh boy, now what's gunna happen!" normally I'm not an "Angel" fan but this one is a little different in the forms of how angels vs demons came to be... And sometimes, the good guys aren't the good guys :) but sometimes people surprise you. I really like Sam (Taylor's best friend) and I really like Taylor, except for one thing, she had some "self rules" at the beginning of the book that she didn't follow through with.... But love makes you do crazy things. Now, she's gotta figure out how to love Gabriel and still be independent (no one should just follow blindly) and get him back to do that I'm the first place... So, the story continues in the next part of this trilogy (which I will be getting)... Good read, well written, good characters to relate to!
  • The Next Thing I Knew on Dec. 08, 2011

    I'm very stuck with my rating on this one... This book has a fresh, new perspective on death, and I even loved the plot. It was very well written and no major word/translation/grammatical errors or anything like that. But for what ever reason, I really struggled to finish this one. I liked the characters, they were even well rounded and believable, but maybe it was all the different aspects... Ghosts, aliens, giant robots, spaceships, angels.... I dunno, but I have decided to get the next installment of this series, because I did really like the plot process and hopefully the next one will be an easier read for me! :)  I would also like to thank mr. Corwin for a copy of this book! He sent it to me for reviews and since I think that's just the coolest, his book is going to go on my blog in the next few days!! :) I do recommend this one to anyone who enjoys sci-fi reading. 
  • Adventures In Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #1) on Dec. 19, 2011

    So first, as always thanks to R2R and the author for getting this copy to me! I think this is one of the first non paranormal/fantasy books I've read that I honestly liked and want to read more of! Normally I find these non paranormals boring, but this was a great little mystery with really interesting characters and a real life problem that's so believable. I can relate to that which makes it all the more awesome. I read this story in just a few hours, and no, it's not a short story, but it's a quick read, so I think everyone will love it. It's a 4.5 star for me only cuz no one used swords hahahaha or crazy magical powers :) go on now, pick up a copy and read it!
  • Symphony of Blood, A Hank Mondale Supernatural Case on Dec. 19, 2011

    Hmmm, I'm a little on the fence with my review, but there were some parts that I really liked and some parts that were really frustrating to me... First I guess because it's not in my nature, hank's gambling, drinking, money losing attitude makes me mad! But then he does nice things, like pay the crazy secretary instead of paying on the loan he owes.... So ya know... I liked "it"/Symphony... I like that there was some different point of views, yet, I totally loved to hate Mckenzie, lord slap that little brat!!! Hank had character flaws, and not many morals, but he's a interesting character! All in all, ok book!
  • Coexist: Keegan's Chronicles on Dec. 20, 2011

    Ok, I really liked this book, and as always thanks to read-2-review for giving it to me and introducing it to me... I really like Keegan, and her family. This book has a different few on the elven community and how life works for them. I REALLY like Rourk, and I really do hope that things work out this way! I've already purchased book 2 cuz now I HAVE to know what's going to happen!!! I like that there are more supernaturals than originally thought by Keegan (everyone seems to be something) and no matter how much I like her friends I'm firmly on team Rourk-which is unusual for me, I normally like more than one guy for different reasons! :) so, happy reading, I'm on to book two :)
  • The Ylem (The Ylem Trilogy, # 1) on Jan. 04, 2012

    Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!!!!!! First thank you, R-2-R and the author! I'm totally dumbfounded!!!! Someone, a few weeks ago, told me I needed to read this book, but I'm not even sure how to pronounce the title, so I have been brushing it aside. BIGGEST MISTAKE!!!!! How stupid, I admit this!!! I got my copy for review and I fell in love! I don't know what else to say except GIMME GIMME #2!!! Everything is well done in this book. It is very well written, it's got a great cliff hanger, and it's got enough mystery twisted with detail in the beginning to suck you in like a current! I could feel the sadness from Kalista (I love the character's names, btw) when she thinks of her mom! And you just know Tristan is gunna be something beautiful! I even fell in love with the supporting characters, whom I think Élan and Migan are my favorites!! I absolutely CANNOT wait until book two, like I need it yesterday! Thank you!!! It's books like this that make my life happy!!!
  • The Dark Gifts Inheritance on Jan. 31, 2012

    First, Thank you SO much Ms. Willow Cross, for giving me a copy to read and put up on my blog... I was so intrigued by the cover, but I am thrilled to say I LOVED it when I opened it and started reading... This story is literally about tragedy and what you do to pick yourself up and keep on surviving after those brutal happenings. This is Sarah and Jason's story, who are siblings, who lost their parents at a very young age, and grew up in foster care. They then inherit their long lost aunt's home and find out that their family is MUCH BIGGER than they ever thought, and some crazy things are going down... First, I need to say that Ms. Cross writes to wonderfully, you get sucked in and you feel what the characters feel. You cheer for them, and you want revenge with them, and you want to love, and cry, and scream with them... Now, let's get to the characters... Sarah is your typical sweet, high school sister, who cooks and cleans, and makes sure that the clothes are done... until things get weird with Jason, and her world comes crumbling down. Then, Sarah gets bad @$$ and you find out right along with her, the fantasic, remarkable things she is capable of... Jason is HOT :) hahahaha ok, he's like the best big brother, who is just trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and how he can protect his sister from the whole world. He's a remarkably beautiful wolf, both inside and out (no, saying wolf is not spoiler, b/c there is a wolf on the cover) :) and I think I really like Ashley for him (no dibs on that since it's a spoiler) Peter is the pack wolf that goes on the ride with Sarah and Jason bc he can't help his love for Sarah and no, you cannot help who you love! But, I must say he's a good guy (I need a Peter) and even if his heart breaks daily, I'm so glad he's there with Sarah and Jason. :) Shad, Ashley, Brogan, Liz, and Mar are important characters, but I will keep my opinions to myself so as to not spoil all the goodies... All in all, this is a fantastic book, well written, flows and is a fast read, and I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on the next installment of this series!! :)
  • Chocolate-Covered Eyes: A Sampler Of Horror on Jan. 31, 2012

    First, and foremost, thank you Ms. Lopez for sending me a copy of your book to read. :) and thank you Books 4 Tomorrow for the recomendation! Ok, so I can't say too much since these are all short stories (7 of them to be exact) but I can give you a few low-downs :) Ms. Lori has a very unique style of writing, and she can captivate you with some of these. Some stories have a poem like concept, while others are just stories written. However, I will say this, if you like a little horror (maybe a lot) in your stories, you should pick up this book! Also, the 3 stars has nothing to do with the writing, I like that part, but some stories I really liked and some I didn't, so I give it an in between mark, but I still say if you are a horror fan, you should read it! There are stories of zombies, shifters, ghosts, zombie rights, carnivals, an ear-monster ( I dunno what to technically list him as), curses, hauntings, and choices :) If that doesn't intrigue you, I dunno if you can be helped hahaha these stories all have interesting concepts and plots that drive them, so they are fun, easy, short, but great stories :) Yes, I know, such a short review, but really, I can't say too much, or I will give away all the goodies, so get it yourself :)
  • Raven on Feb. 07, 2012

    I would like to thank the author for a copy of this book for a review. It's a lovely vampire story who falls for a human... or is she? LOL yeah, I had to start with that. First, this is & it isn't your typical vampire story. Ariana has a very intense past, with some secrets, and when she meets vampire Micheal, she falls for him pretty hard, but he's whole point of existence is to find his long lost wife's soul, so he can end his curse-the curse which makes him a vampire... As this story progresses, you keep finding out secrets, and twists, and turns, and more little crazies. You never know exactly who someone is, and it's got a whole new twist on soulmates. Now, I am NOT a romance reader... I usually like it better when people are fighting, and throwing each other, and sword fights, and beaming magic balls. hahahahaha there is some actions in here, which I got excited for, but it's mostly a really good paranormal romance. I still feel like Michael is your typical broken vampire, BUT Ariana has a whole new fresh look on the human lover girl :) Go on and try this one out! :)
  • Howl (Kane Wolves, 1) on Feb. 10, 2012

    First I need to say thank you to making connections and the author for giving me a copy of this book for a review... Now here's what I NEED to say... PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE GOING TO CONTINUE THIS!!! I NEED IT- BAD!!! Ok, sorry but I had to get that out :) first, let me say that this is a MAGNIFICENT werewolf story!!! There's a girl- isn't there always a girl lol!- that's a werewolf and she falls for a human... Now, I know most people are thinking that's always the case, but first, there's some really good twists here and the plot is AWESOME as Sophie and her family try to find the "bad guys". The writing is just fantastic, I believe I am still feeling wolf-ish and can smell and hear things like Sophie can. I want to run in the night and I can feel her pull to Jamie and her bond to Tristan. These people have to be real as her characters are so well developed and I swear you invest in each of them! Sophie is a strong, smart, loving girl who values nothing more than her family and pack. That is until she meets Jamie. She learns and grows throughout this story what it means to be a true pack and to fight for what you believe is right. Tristan is Sophie's twin brother and he is just my cutie pie! He's her other half and even when he knows there's trouble he'll do anything to protect his sister. I just love a guys like Tristan! Jamie-*sigh... I love you* you know how you meet those perfect guys that don't seem real... Well I want a Jamie! He's just great and even in his faults he still makes it all better :) Daniel- I don't wanna give anything away but there is ALWAYS competition and I am seriously praying that there is another book for this to continue!! I read this book in 3.5 hours (I'm usually quick) but this book had me flying to know the end! I am pretty ecstatic about this book, and in case you didn't see earlier, I reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyy hope this turns into a series and gives me more!!! I might lose it if you end on that LAST SENTENCE!!! You just have me begging!!! Really, I'm on my knees! :) 5 majorly, seriously obsessive PAWS from me :). Maybe even more hahaha but my paw scale only goes to 5
  • The Blood Moon of Winter - 2nd Edition on Feb. 20, 2012

    First I would like to thank Books4Tomorrow and the author for sending me a copy to review this book. :) What is you were a typical woman, with a mother and sister who desperately want you to meet a man and get married (LOL I know these people), and one day in the park where you read, you meet the man, who happens to be your favorite author of your favorite books, who is gunna be the one to help you ascend into Goddess-hood? Yep, that sentence is how I can sum up the book without spoilers. Now, this one is a little different with the plot summary. Most of the soon-to-be Goddesses know at least something about their gift. Lilyana, aka Lily, has no conception of this... she kind of freaks out when she starts having these very realistic dreams with a giant white panther, telling her she is gunna save their world and become their goddess. BUT, there's always a but, you know, but she must finish her transition so she can leave earth and ascend in their realm. I felt that this was a nice difference as there is usually a happy ending for these kind of stories... However, there is a nice little cliff hanger at the end, and a maybe not so happy fairy tale ending... personally, I think the ending is perfect for setting up for the next book. :) The writing style is a little different but in a good way. And the characters are well rounded, but I would have liked a better back ground description. For example, why is Lily the way she is, especially when it comes to guys, and love, and relationships? And the only other flaw (I can't call it that, but I don't have another word to use) is in the beginning parts of the book, the "person" narrating goes from different perspectives. Normally I like that, but I was a little confused in the flipping quickly between Lily & the Oracle (&/or Elders)and some of the explanations were a little unclear... BUT, it then gets clearer as the story goes on, so you figure it all out. Maybe I shouldn't be all lazy and expect explanations right up front... there's no mystery that way right? LOL All in all, I liked this book, and I look forward to see what's going to happen, especially at the end with that nice little cliff hanger :) 3.5 PAWS for me!
  • My Enchanted Life on Feb. 24, 2012

    as always, thanks R2R and Ms. Eno for a copy of this book for a review... If this isn't just the cutest, but awesome book I've read in a while :) Emma is a small town girl who is raised by her (very lovable) aunt and uncle, when both of her parents die. She actually doesn't remember almost anything of either of her parents, so to her, they aunt & uncle are her parents. One day, a package arrives and she is then in turn literally thrown into a world she doesn't know or understand in England. She learns that she is somehow a magical being, with powers she isn't supposed to have. I love her growth, and her own internal debates with herself, with how she feels and how she is "supposed" to feel. I love that to EVERYONE (except one) she is nothing but a fresh breath of air, because she treats everyone equally, and gives people the benefit of the doubt. I really really liked this book! Here's my favorite part... the hot bad boy, is exactly that, they hot bad boy. & the bad guy, you have NO IDEA, cuz I surely didn't hahahaha & I happen to think Emma picked perectly for her... I must say this one was a crazy ride, which had me holding my breath, and cursing ignorance and entitlement and then cheering for the good guys! I really enjoyed this one. 4.5 PAWS FOR ME but there isn't a half star, so I always round up :)
  • Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series) on April 12, 2012

    I would like to thank R2R and the author as always for giving me a copy to read for a review! These programs allow me to find fantastic new reads just like this one :) I would like to start with saying that the bad guy totally threw me at the end. I was not expecting that one... I was guessing in those lines but wow! I know that's vague, but no spoilers! I like that it's written in first person for this book because I like that I get to see Stella's thoughts as she goes through the obstacles and I like the things she says to herself. I also LOVE the characters, especially the supporting characters like Kitty and Etiole' (I think I'm spelling that right). And her original thoughts on people, like Robert, can be so off... Also, Evan is just HAWT!!!! I mean come on!!! Also, her growth with magic (stella's) is a fun ride. The writing was a little funny, since it's a UK version, things like pyjamas cracked me up, and also some sentences like "snogging my best friend" made me laugh. Funny how everyone has their own wording yet we all know what it means! It is still well written and I am well on my way to getting book 2 & 3, as I REALLY wanna know what happens, especially after that last chapter :) Overall 4 stars for me :) Good book!
  • In a Celandine World on June 01, 2012

    I would like to thank Read 2 Review for allowing me to read this book for a review. It's quite interesting. There were several twists and turns and I was quite surprised with the ending with this book. I was totally shocked how they've put so much history and well know "names" and they all fit together. I have to say that was my favorite part. I was a little sad for the main character as she seemed to have quite a hard life. and when they people you love the most won't believe you or help you, and make you think you're crazy, it can make life miserable. I love the supporting characters, especially the Willoughby's!! I just love them :) This is an interesting concept of paranormal romance with mystery included. There is some magical landscapes and interesting things going on. If you like a sweet, fairy-tale type paranormal romance. This one is for you :) 3.5 PAWS!
  • In a Celandine World on June 01, 2012

    I would like to thank Read 2 Review for allowing me to read this book for a review. It's quite interesting. There were several twists and turns and I was quite surprised with the ending with this book. I was totally shocked how they've put so much history and well know "names" and they all fit together. I have to say that was my favorite part. I was a little sad for the main character as she seemed to have quite a hard life. and when they people you love the most won't believe you or help you, and make you think you're crazy, it can make life miserable. I love the supporting characters, especially the Willoughby's!! I just love them :) This is an interesting concept of paranormal romance with mystery included. There is some magical landscapes and interesting things going on. If you like a sweet, fairy-tale type paranormal romance. This one is for you :) 3.5 PAWS!
  • Betrayal's Shadow on June 01, 2012

    As always I would like to thank R2R for allowing me to participate and read for a review :) I was a little on the fence when I signed up to do this one because it sounded like another fallen angel story- but I was WRONG! I can't call the guardians angels and I can't not call them angels either, for they are the guardians of the human race. Them being on earth protects the people living here. In the beginning, it starts out with Turen, in his cell after being captured and trying to figure the pieces of what went wrong. It's his own kind involved in his capture. And then by some means, Mia magically enters his cell and things just go crazy from here! I will say that its a little rough in the beginning with all the bad things that happen. But it really is part if the story, so it makes the plot and storyline. There are several supporting characters that intrigue me here... And the bad guy isn't necessarily the bad guy and it's a really good story. Let's just say that it's got some mystery and it's not all romance winding. I thought the writing flowed quite nicely and I really liked how everything plays out to follow through to the end. All in all, 3.5 paws from me :)
  • Resisting Velocity on Nov. 10, 2012

    I’m not sure if it was supposed to happen this way, but I thought this book was funny! I mean, I giggled lots. An uptight goodie two shoes female security guard and a laid back party prince rock star literally clash and then almost reverse roles. Charlie is your lovely female security to a big time rock band. Zane is your typical party hardy male lead singer. Well, when Charlie says she’s had enough and is leaving, Zane realizes he won’t see her again and devises a very stupid plan to keep her. But it back fires- big time!! first, the funny part is when Charlie decides to give Zane payback for all his crap. She dresses very sexy, throws a few fits! Zane is literally thrown for a loop and decides he’s going to plan a “hit” on himself to make her his personal body guard so she literally has to stay. And BOY OH BOY, there’s is so much sexual tension!! Zane wants her but sometimes goes the complete wrong way about it. And Charlie refuses to get her heart broken by a stupid rock star it really is funny, until it gets real!! so when things really start happening and things get crazy, Charlie wants to protect Zane, and Zane realizes he’s in way too deep! And the band members, I like them. Being part of a werewolf pack, did I forget to mention this part- OOPS!! They have a bond and sometimes it makes them crazy and sometimes it can mean the world to have people around you to support you. I really liked this one. Not too long but not too short and it has elements of everything. Paranormals, romance, action, mystery. Overall, it was a fun quick read and very enjoyable! This is a series so I definitely look forward to more books by theses authors and future stories!! Plus HOW COOL IS IT THAT ONE AUTHOR HAS MY DOGS NAME!! Xander is the coolest name ever- my lil man says so, and he can’t wait for more too!! LOL!! 4 BIG PAWS UP!!
  • Hyde, an Urban Fantasy on Nov. 10, 2012

    Sweet baby Jesus, this is a good one!! Ok, so what if you woke up, naked, with a HAWT HUNK OF MALE PIECE YOU DON’T KNOW!!! AND HAVE NO MEMORY OF GETTING THERE!! Giggle well, I’d probably revel in that HAWT male piece, but this is literally how the story begins!! And it GETS BETTER!! So I gotta say, this is a fantastic spin on the Jekyll and Hyde story! Eden is a girl with a troubled past and even more troubled future as she is just trying to figure out how her life is spiraling out of control- again. She had this sleep walking issue as a child and it’s come back but way worse. And Mitchell knows his issue but now he’s thinking he’s done the unspeakable! It’s a fantastic little mystery unfolding! the writing is fantastic. It’ll suck you right in from the first word and have you guessing like a crazy person trying to win a game show! And there’s this “other” POV and I’m pretty sure you’ll be stunned at their involvements! And you’ll never guess how it all turns out!! But sorry, no spoilers the characters had me wanting to hug them and sometimes slap them and a lot of times stare in lust!! LOL I don’t think there’s much to say other than READ THIS BOOK! It’s fascinating and it makes you think if this could happen. Mental illnesses are very similar to some of these “symptoms” and the “medicine”… Yeah you get my point. And I LOVE the self warring! Both characters have such horrible pasts that they literally are their own worst enemies! Sometimes that can be more annoying than anything, but I really liked this situation just trust me, if you’ve ever liked the Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde story, you’ll really like this one, but we’ll keep this one for the more adult audience I’m so glad there’s going to be more, a series, so gimme gimme!! 5 PAWS! Loved it!!
  • BRUXA The Secret Within on Nov. 10, 2012

    So, you know about me and my aversion to all things vamper… Welllll, NOT HERE! First, the main part of the story is about the Bruxa, who are the witches. And, as everyone should know, there are good and bad in everything! Some witches are good, some bad. And as we read this story, you find out some Vamps are good, some bad. They have names for them even. Lampires… Interesting. I will not go into detail as you should read the story to find out, but you are getting my drift. And I will also say this. Sometimes, I get bored with love triangles… ALSO, NOT HERE… LAWD! I am quite taken with BOTH boys… But I HAVE picked a side… hehehe don’t we all Gabby is an interesting girl. She’s a Bruxa, which is a strong witch. And there are different types of witches, which we also learn as we read. Gabby’s life has been pretty sheltered. But her mother has decided that she needs to experience the real world. So off she goes to public school. I REALLY like her new friends, especially Allison. I have strong hopes for her in the coming stories She sees Joey on her first day of school, and of course he is GORGEOUS but, he seems to think she has leprosy hahahaha it’s quite funny how their story starts out. And she begins to learn some things about herself as well. THEN, she finds out some not so good news about herself… Boy, this one was a whiplash moment… Way to totally thicken the plot! LOL And then comes Alvero…. I can’t believe I am saying this… but for ONCE, I AM SO TEAM ALVERO!!! ANNND he’s a vamper. and to make matters worse- for me anyways- Joey is a favorite type of supernatural of mine… But it gets really complicated here. If you grew up, and were taught ONE THING… HATE THE VAMPS! And your whole life was conditioned in this way, it’s really hard to think outside of that box. This is the complication with Joey and Gabby, especially since Gabby has a compasionate side. And as much as I like them as a couple, even with that TOTALLY SURPRISING NEWS AT THE END, I am still going to side with Alvero. so…. GO TEAM ALVERO. I know there will be some people who take Joey’s team. But I have more doubts about him and his personality. And I have A BIG FEELING that there is a big gaping HOLE with the story about what happened to Gabby’s dad…. and I will make an early prediction…. it will have something to do with Joey, not himself, but his family, or his new “leader”… blah! See, it’s all crazy! hahahaha I loved the writing. I read this in two sittings, only because I literally fell asleep from exhaustion, not because of anything else. This is one of those stories that will keep you guessing and staying up WAY TOO LATE! lots and lots of secrets, some come out, and some are yet to be revealed. And poor Gabby, everyone lies to her, in some way. Except Allison, which is why I LIKE HER SO MUCH! As a human, she has a little something special within herself, and I hope it gets explored deeper. I am on a whirlwind ride, as I have NO idea where this story is going to continue. I am VERY hopeful that it will be to my extreme liking. I am seriously wanting book 2, real bad… I am anxious to see what Gabby is going to find out. I JUST KNOW it’s gunna be another earth shattering bomb to be dropped on her. I’ll say this poor girl can take some crap. I dunno how I would handle all the things she handles. Well, I can think of two ways… a straight jacket, or a total killing spree. hahahaha Fun, Fast paced, intriguing new twists on witches versus vampires! I found a new author to stalk and some new favorite characters! I’m ready for my next thrill ride! gimme gimme book 2, in a hurry please hahaha! 4.5 PAWS from me!
  • The Vampire Hunter's Daughter The Complete Collection on Nov. 10, 2012

    We start with Part I: this is an introduction to Chloe. A girl who watches vampires murder her mother in front of her and learns she has a grandpa and he’s a vampire hunter. She also learns the truth about her father. And she meets drew. Part II: this is Chloe’s continuation of learning about her hunter heritage and what vampires are. She is training with Drew, has a school fight-which is both awesome and hilarious- and sees her first vampire/hunter kill. It scared the snot out of her. Chloe is growing, but not in the ways expected. She’s trying to adjust to her new life. I really like the mythology behind the hunter heritage. And the crazy fun weapons!! By the time we hit part III, it’s on. Chloe gets some surprises, Drew is being Drew, And g-pa Luke is… Well he’s recovering. Chloe finally gets a vamp kill. I could go on and on, but then I would give away secrets, and I hate spoilers, other than little tidbit to help get you interested in the book. The writing is flawless. The first few sentences hooked me, and then I FLEW through it. I NEEDED to know what would happen. I like how Chloe grows, slow but more real. I am a total fan for life!! I’m so happy I got to be part of this tour. I recommend you check it out. Seriously! You can check out each book separately, I think part I may still be a freebie. But you get all 6 parts for $4.99, and that’s a deal. 4.5 PAWS from me!!
  • What Kills Me on Nov. 10, 2012

    So, I normally shy away from Vampire stories. Yeah, I know, WTF is wrong with me! Not loving vampires. Lol BUT I LOVE THE COVER!!! But the schedule was already full, so I was a lil sad to miss it! AND THEN… My lovely ladies from Dark Mind Book Tours sent me a rush email saying a spot had opened last minute-for whatever reason, and I said HELL TO THE YEAH!!! And my quote of this book… “Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!!!” I mean, I was SOLD when the blurb said a girl would become a vampire and destroy all the vampire race… This is a FANTASTIC twist. It actually follows a mythological/religious way of becoming a vampire. There are no random “turnings”. UNTIL! Until Zee… I LOVE HER NAME!! Zee’s life becomes absolute chaos upon waking a vampire, which she doesn’t believe she is. And then after a very narrow escape of her newly undead life she meets Lucas… I will say this poor girl holds a lot of guilt. A lot of people are dying around her, and being the good soul she is, feels the burden. I will say I didn’t fall head over heels over Lucas…. Until the “hot springs” incident, which is well after half of the book starts. I thought he was a major jerk. And then he grew on me. AND NOW I LOVE HIM!!! He’s actually a very well developed and written character Zee is my favorite kinda heroine. Because she isn’t one. She’s scared, she’s not super-well, at first anyways- she’s actually the good cautious rule following girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly. How can people think she will destroy a whole race. She’s humble, and then all of a sudden she is kick ass, because she has to be to survive! This story weaved me through a web of action, face paced awesomeness. Way to put something fresh on the vampires! It’s written beautifully and I look forward to more from this author. I’m not sure if this story is going to be part of a series, as it is written like a stand alone, but if it does- HURRY AND GIMME NUMBER 2!! 4.5 PAWS FROM ME!
  • Centaur Legacy on Jan. 11, 2013

    WOW!!! Ms Nancy has blown me away again!! There is so much going on as this wonderful story continues! It's a beautiful, yet slightly darker story than book one. Poor Camille, it seems like everyone just wants something from her... And all of those "something's" are pretty much lethal to her. I mean, this is crazy the amount of hardships this poor girl has to go to. And yet, she's my hero!! She's beautiful and strong, and smart, and when most people would give up she sticks to her guns! Lets tall plot for a moment! What a wonderful way this story is unfolding! And the action has definitely been amped up! Major high five to that :) this is a great way to take an easy story and make it into a web of complexity that you're dying to know how to untangle yourself from. There is a lovely set of characters that have you falling in love with them or seriously wanting to murder a fictional character. Each one of them has me completely invested in wanting to know how each one's life will play out! I wanna talk about Drake for a second. In book one, Camille got a whole lot of the bad, and she has even more in this one, but man... Drake got some serious tests in this book. And with his new "self" I'm dying to know where Ms Nancy is going to take me with this one! And Beau is I think my favorite brother, at least so far. He is so much more laid back than everyone else and I'm so glad he got the ending he got! I literally did fist pumps and cheered :) it's so so cute!!! But I kinda want to majorly punch Cami's dad Will... If their rules are so hell bent on protecting the Centurides, why is it that every time Cami's in trouble, he pretty much sits on his thumbs! Grow a pair daddy!! Sorry I had to get that out :) The writing is elegantly magnificent! This serious has touched my heart and it's all because Ms Nancy is a wonderful writer! There's so many captivating scenes, especially with all the traveling. And it's hard to write multiple POVs that make sense but it's flawless here. I'm actually liking all the differences. It gives you so much insight to the story line that you don't get with only one POV. All in all, there isn't much more to say except I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! 5 TOTALLY HOT PAWS!! I really need book 3, and hopefully I won't have to wait too long!
  • Intuition (The Premonition Series, Volume 2) on Feb. 03, 2013

    And.... It keeps getting better. This series is so fantastic. I may have to be really careful though as everything I want to talk about is going to be spoilery, especially to you guys seeing this series for the first time, but I'm gunna try! I'm so in love with all these characters! I can't help but cheer when they have a victory or cry when they are heartbroken. And this one definitely ups the action scenes! High five to that! This story gets a little complicated and I have a feeling that "team Reed" fans will be a little baffled, but since I kinda totally love Russell I was so glad to get to see into his mind a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I love Rees and his relationship with Evie, but it's a personal love for me with Russell. And then there's a new player on the field.... But again no spoilers and I can't say what I want to. I think I'll have to hold out just a little, but not to worry, Ms Amy plays it out beautifully and I think it'll all turn out good :) I fanatically love Buns and Brownie!! And with more characters coming into play, I'm so glad they're on Evie's side! And let me just say with some bow-chicka-wow-wow and a seriously good ending, this one definitely didn't disappoint in the least!! I like when things get thrown in the air and it becomes unpredictable! And we even get a HEA... For now hahahaha! And then you gotta know it's only gunna get crazier cuz life goes on and I can't wait for my next adventure in Indebted!! The writing is just so special. I've become such a huge fan of this author that short of killing of my favorite character- I won't say who- I will read EVERYTHING by Ms Amy. And I may have serious depression when this series finally ends... Which lets all hope it's not coming to the soon!! I have so many things running through my brain right now, but I can't ruin it for you guys, so I think when I post my reviews for books 3 & 4, I'll update this a bit. It's gunna come spilling out my mouth soon and I hate spoilers so I will leave you with my lovely 5 PAWS and say I cannot wait to inhale book 3!! If you aren't reading these books, you're just not cool! I'll peer pressure you and say... JUST READ THEM! EVERYONE WHO IS COOL IS!! Hahahaha :)
  • Indebted (The Premonition Series - Volume 3) on Feb. 12, 2013

    I’ve decided this is my favorite angels book ever!!! Some series get boring and repetitive as they continue and some get gracefully wonderful as they continue- this series is the latter! The characters are evolving, there’s more characters coming into the game, and the awesome scenery is gorgeous!! And you know I kinda love love triangles, so let me just say- there’s not only one BUT TWO!! Different characters that come in are all full of romance!! Finally, Evie gets back to Reed! And I stupidly fanatically love Bunz and Zephyr!! I know I’m supposed to be in full support of the main characters, but I’m still loving Russell, and B&Z have taken over my giggle worthy moments!! And all the crazy starts because everybody and their momma want Evie, they all think she will be their newest weapon of power! And Brennus has every intent of getting Evie back under his thumb! And then… What happens to Bonnie and Russell- see told you all the crazy hits the fan! And theirs a whole new bad guy! And Reed makes me mad on this front. She is NOT always the fragile girl, so his actions made me a little nuts! And when things finally get hopefully, it’s just heartbreakingly sad! And…. I get an awesome kiss- but no spoilers I do think that this one does have a more dark feel and there aren’t as many “happy, funny” moments but that doesn’t make it any less lovable! There’s so many points to talk about but I’m worried to give away too many spoilers! So.. I think you should just read this series! 5 DANGEROUSLY SOARING PAWS from me!!
  • Incendiary: The Premonition Series (Volume 4) on Feb. 12, 2013

    I have so many polar opposite feeling for so many characters! Some of them, I’m head over heels in love with, and some I hate so much I wanna spit fire on them!! LOL this means that the writer has done her job by letting me have so much feeling!! and we’ve got new characters and some awesome returning characters! And lets not forget about all the fantastic action! It’s a rough ride but it’s totally worth it! There’s some serious character growth here too So lemme say I still love Russell and he has a very special part of the story! And Zee has totally blown me away… I’ve decided I want him as my book boyfriend!! I feel bad for Evie in this one. She is literally taken on a ride of chaos and hurt! And Brennus has kinda blown me out the water, but not in a good way :/ he was such a fascinating character to me! With a never ending supply of bad guys and new characters and crazy world-wind twists, I was not putting this book down. I love a book that isn’t predictable! And I love when something is special and heartbreaking and happy and beautiful all at the same time!! You know, I don’t know what took me so long to read this series but hot damn I’m so glad I’ve found it. I have a feeling the next go round my put me in the ground! Each one just gets to me so much more so I absolutely cannot wait for number 5! Go!! Go out right now and get this series! 5 CRAZY PHENOMENAL PAWS from me!
  • Jekyll, an Urban Fantasy on Feb. 12, 2013

    Lets talk about how much I seriously love this series! It’s so FANTASTIC! First, it’s so special and unique and it’s written so painfully beautiful. It’s not always happy but it’s wonderful. When Ms Lauren told me Jekyll was out- I had a brain loss moment and didn’t know that- and she offered me a copy… I very politely begged her to please please let me share it on my blog!! And then I believe I enthusiastically squealed liked a little piggie! I loved Hyde so much. AND DID YOU SEE THAT COVER?!?!! She has definitely hit the jackpot with the covers for both books! The story begins a few weeks after Eden’s kidnapping. She’s been in a coma and The Clinic has her. She knows something has changed but she’s in the process of figuring out exactly how she changed and what that might mean. And now The Clinic is telling her that she might be the answers to their prayers for fixing all Hyde and Jekylls! I still really love Eden. I love her will, her heart, and I love that she has grown and is still growing so much. I love her internal struggles with trying to do what’s right for her vs what’s right for everyone else. Mitch is still Mitch, except that now, losing Eden is literally tearing him apart, from the inside and he realized how big of a $&:&:@ he was! People sometimes make such selfish decisions! I’m still trying not to throttle him! And poor Landon- he’s the cop who investigated Mitch the whole first book- has now become Mitch’s only ally. He wants to help rescue Eden. And no matter what he says, he cares for both Mitch and Eden. I personally like Landon. I like so much about him. I have bad moments and words for The Clinic Staff. They want what they want and they don’t care who they hurt to get it. I’m no longer a fan of Carter either… But this is besides the point. I wanna say a few things about the writing. This author’s writing is like trudging through a heavy rain storm and then having the sun break through to give you warm beautiful rays of sunshine. At first, it’s dark and wet, and then you realize the darkness is still beautiful because lightning and rain and clouds have a Beauty of its own… And then you are so immensely grateful for that sunshine that you just want to revel in its warm comforting embrace… Maybe I’ve scared some of you, but I happen to love rain storms and I put this author’s writing in my ABSOLUTELY LOVE category. It’s amazing how words can transform you into a wonderful place and this author does this beyond belief. Ms Lauren, since I teased you and made you wait- I want you to know you have a fan for life in me! THANK YOU many times over for giving me something so magnanimous! 5 TRANSFORMING PAINFUL GORGEOUS PAWS from me… I seriously hope you send me an email for book three!! I’ll love you forever… Wait- I already do
  • Betrayal's Shadow on May 03, 2013

    Kindle Edition (edit) review As always I would like to thank R2R for allowing me to participate and read for a review :) I was a little on the fence when I signed up to do this one because it sounded like another fallen angel story- but I was WRONG! I can't call the guardians angels and I can't not call them angels either, for they are the guardians of the human race. Them being on earth protects the people living here. In the beginning, it starts out with Turen, in his cell after being captured and trying to figure the pieces of what went wrong. It's his own kind involved in his capture. And then by some means, Mia magically enters his cell and things just go crazy from here! I will say that its a little rough in the beginning with all the bad things that happen. But it really is part if the story, so it makes the plot and storyline. There are several supporting characters that intrigue me here... And the bad guy isn't necessarily the bad guy and it's a really good story. Let's just say that it's got some mystery and it's not all romance winding. I thought the writing flowed quite nicely and I really liked how everything plays out to follow through to the end. All in all, 3.5 paws from me :)
  • Black Moon (Silver Moon, #2) on May 03, 2013

    Paperback (edit) review Now this book has me cheering for both characters! And the plot thickens!! I mean, the first couple of chapters has me freaking out!!! It starts a week before Candra's BIG 18th Birthday (it's special for a reason) and then BAM it happens, and something crazy follows, and then something ELSE crazy happens... I honestly can say, it's a big, twisty, crazy, unpredictable plot :) Definitely increasing intrigue from the first book. Candra is maturing and Ben is finally realizing what a loser family he has! And he's just a means to an end of what they want! & Ben pulls a crazy trick that was both the smartest and stupidest thing he's ever done! :) And Candra's family makes me smile and want to slap them at the same time. Ya know, secrets always bite you in the face. I really mean the other end, but trying to keep is friendly LOL the end makes me quite excited about the next book! I REALLY wanna know what's going to happen next and how it will all end :) 4 Paws for me :)
  • Blood and Moonlight on May 03, 2013

    HELLOOOOO HAWT PIECE!!!! Boy I sure do love me some werewolves! Especially hot ones! Hehehehe this book fascinated me. I am now very invested in this series because not only does it hold my attention, but it’s full of very fun characters and an extremely mysterious plot line and just downright good writing! I don’t know how else to say how much I enjoyed this book! So, we’ve got a mixed blood situation here. kiara is part Fae and part werewolf. She was raised by her Fae mother who is also a royal. However the Fae aren’t so happy about this mixed blood thing so lets just say she had a crappy life. Kiara also thinks her fathers been dead her whole life. Well she gets a big surprise to know her father is suddenly missing, but was alive, and currently holds the position of alpha in the pack. I won’t lie, this plot line had me sucked in, because I was dying to know what was gunna happen! And Kiara had a whole lot to learn about herself, her mixed blood, and a culture she’s part of but doesn’t understand. And then there’s Devlin…. Boy oh boy… DROOL!!!! He’s the typical HAWT male werewolf, who oozes alpha, exudes confidence and powers, and is pretty much a walking drool-endusing eye candy! Hello!!! I need one of those right now! Plus he’s got a sweet side when he’s trying to. He wants Kiara but promised to protect her and those things never go well together hahahaha I lurve him!! Devlin- welcome to my book boyfriend club!! You’re welcome anytime!! I also really enjoy the secondary characters!! Reese and Marcus, who are a couple, are Kiara’s Fae guards and also her best friends. After her mishap in Fae land, they follow her and devote their life protecting her. Marcus and Cian are Kiara’s unexpected and not necessarily welcomed werewolf guards. I especially like Marcus I’m thinking I almost like everybody hahahaha I don’t wanna give too much away. I am extremely fond of this story, I can’t wait to get my grubby paws in book two, and I thought this was a fantastic story telling! Well done Ms Keith! I hope you let me know as soon as you have book 2 ready for me hahahaha yes I’m special and it’s just for me LOL now go forth and get yourself this book- it’ll be worth it! 5 REALLY GOOD PAWS from me!
  • Rae of Hope on May 03, 2013

    Lets start with this… WHY didn’t I know about this series before now?! I will use the excuses but I can’t believe I was missing out! This first book if the series has been out for a good bit and I’m disappointed in myself for not knowing- HOWEVER- I’m all pumped because now I get to jump straight into book two! You will all need to do this as well it’s a fantastic story, and yes the going away to a “special school” has been done before- including some of my all time favorite books- but I can’t compare them because it doesn’t feel the same. This book has different aspects and different characters and a whole different feel to it. So Rae seems like a normal girl, she may be an orphan but her family treats her good, but then she has to go this school, and why I say special, it’s mildly putting it. I loved that as Rae discovers the truth about her past and family, so do I. It’s also creepy that EVERYONE ELSE knows but her. But when she finds out the truth, it totally rocks her world. In going to say that Rae is a very likable character, she’s smart, she’s determined, and no matter what everyone else around thinks, she’s a good person. But boy, do I expect some serious trials ahead for her Molly is the coolest kid ever! As Rae’s roomie, she made me laugh and giggle. She’s definitely a force to reckon with! I loved her! She’s a great character. And there’s plenty if HAWT pieces to go around. LOL! Lots of young men and other characters we meet her. I like the way the author has played out an developed some of these characters. I’m always a huge fan of secondary characters and there’s a good bit of very interesting characters here! I think this is a great start to a series. There’s a little but of everything to go around, and it’s a perfect blend. It flowed well, and it made me connect! I’m definitely looking forward to jumping right in to book two and I know I will enjoy it just as much as I did here! I am gunna say to anyone who enjoys YA paranormal and like a variety to your stories, you should definitely go for this one. 5 POWERFUL PAWS!
  • Dark Nebula on May 03, 2013

    I am so SO glad I read book one and two back to back and didn’t have to wait! And now it’s back to school with Rae and Molly, and all the HAWT pieces LOL and we are learning how to use our goodies! It’s just such a fun story to read! And there’s nothing lacking for me. Except that maybe I am, of course, always part of Team dude-that-never-gets-picked. HAHAHA I will keep those to myself though! And even though you’ve got some seriousness to these stories, I find myself laughing a ton! Now that things are going, everyone is growing a little older, maybe maturing, and I can’t help but saying Molly is totally my favorite! It’s such a great series continuation. We get more of Mr Baddy, Rae’s dad, he seriously is creepy BTW. Things are getting more complicated and there’s always those really difficult decisions… Ah, decisions, decisions… There’s some darkness in Rae’s family, and Rae is struggling with things and how they play out. This of course makes for a fantastic suspenseful story. I am trying extra hard to keep spoilers out. We’ve got a lot of returning characters. And we also get some new characters. I love the the author makes her characters all feel like real people. I feel like I am meeting them in person when I read them. And some of them will be friends, some will be foes, and you just never know who to trust! *cue scary music* LOL The story is fast paced, it’s an easy read, and it’s very compatible with all ages, regardless of the fact that it’s a young adult. It’s such a great series and I really look forward to more! 5 MAGICAL PAWS!