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  • Angel Evolution on Feb. 05, 2012

    So, I finally finished the book! I am very grateful that I got a chance to read this unique but very interesting book! 3 STARS!!!! Well, where should I start! LOL ;p The story behind this book was....different! I loved that about this book. I mean sure the whole angel-demon idea was original but by adding the cool powers to the characters it turned out cool! The very first thing I liked about this book was the fact that it was all action. We do have a little bit of romance in it but it’s not over bearing! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am your typical romance buff type of girl but it was a different experience for me, so yeah I did enjoy that! It was a fun experience! :) The story on the other hand, I just wished it turned out differently. I mean, in the beginning, I loved the introductions to the characters and even the introduction to the story background, especially Taylor’s past! However, I didn’t enjoy the story as much when I got to the middle. I felt that things were moving way too fast. It didn’t seem to “click” for me! For starters, Taylor and Gabriel weren’t the “perfect couple” despite how much times it’s mentioned or portrayed in the book. That just really annoyed me. If it’s not a romance book then it’s best to keep it that way. Adding this type of situation in the book didn’t make sense, especially since you find out that (view spoiler) And second, I felt that Sam and Chris fell in love with each other too abruptly for my liking. It didn't flow with the story because they "love" each other after meeting for like what 2, 3 times!?? It was confusing!! :( The story did start out good but it fell through pretty fast. I just wasn't into it by the time I finished. Now, don't get me wrong, the story did have some likeable aspects to it but something just seemed to be missing! Despite my concerns and disliking there were things that I absolutely loved about the story! I loved how we got to experience the story through both POVs of the angels and the demons and the humans! LOL ;P It was nice because it gave you a basic understanding to the scheme of things going on in the book. It also showed you an opening to the thoughts of the individual characters!! ;) Although, I would have preferred to see more of Taylor's side, considering she is the main character! The two sides of an old time battle were very interesting and definitely different! It was truly unique and fun! Speaking of characters.....believe it or not I actually didn't like Gabriel. He was fun at times but he had a lot of problems happening. I just couldn't connect with him. I thought he was wayyyy tooo fake with his role as an angel to his role with being Taylor's boyfriend. I didn't enjoy him as a main lead at all. Now that's completely different for Chris!!! I LOVE HIM!!! He was my fave character. I loved his role in the story and I loved his attitude and personality towards not only Sam but also Taylor. I just thought, although he is a demon he genuinely seemed to care for Taylor's and Sam's safety! I loved that about him. Especially, the "thing" he did at the end of the book (you have to read it to find out the good stuff...LOL ;p) I really wish Chris was the main guy character and was disappointed that we didn't get to see him as much as I would like! Hopefully, the next book is different! ;) Taylor and Sam are fun, and very interesting girls and I liked reading their parts in the book. Although, I think Taylor was a strong female lead, I felt she changes moods way to abruptly! Also, I didn't like the fact that she accepts everything within a minutes time. I mean really, she should have asked more questions or at the very least protested a bit! However, overall I liked her as a main character! Sam was a really nice and refreshing treat. I loved her fun personality and her constant happy moods! She kept the story fun and interesting during all of her parts! After getting to know Sam and Chris, I wished they were the main characters! I can't wait to read more about them! ;) Overall, the book was okay. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the more action types of YA books! In the end, I was left with more questions than answers but hopefully that will change in the next book! I am really looking forward to reading the next book and finding out what happens to both Taylor and Gabriel and also Sam and Chris!!! It should be interesting, hopefully (fingers crossed ;) Finally, I would like to thank David Estes for this book and letting me read and review it! You did an amazing job David!!! Can't wait for your next book!!! ;)
  • Blood Warrior on Feb. 15, 2012

    Okay WOW!!!! I really wanted to read this book ever since the reviews for it just kept on getting better and better! I have to say I was kind of hesitant at first but I was not disappointed AT ALL!! This story was just fantastic and a great way to pass my time! I am in love. LOL ;) So, in Blood Warrior we meet 17-year-old Alexa. She is an enigmatic and brave young girl who has a mind of her own! I love that about her. She doesn't take other peoples' shit and pretty much beats them up for it! ;) One day, her home gets attacked by the Lamia (evil vampires), and she along with her sister Nell and best friend Jack are forced to leave. However, in the process her mother pays the price with her life in order to save Nell and Alexa. Alexa finds out that she is the last known member of a race of supernatural Warriors and that she has to save all the other races from a devastating future. Along her journey she meets a lot of people who are ready to help her one of which is, Kayden, a Libra (type of vampire) who is also the last of his kind. Alexa feels an instant connection to him but has difficulty trusting her feelings and Kayden! (Don't worry I'm sure this will change!) What can I say about Kayden!? Hmmmmm.....well the first word that comes to mind is YUMMY! I'm serious! Kayden, although battles a monster within himself is perfect for Alexa. He doesn't say his feelings out loud but looks after Alexa every time she is in trouble. Their relationship is at times funny, at times intense and of course very very sweet! I just hope they end up together cause if they don't I'm so going to protest! LOL ;) Throughout the book, Alexa encounters many problems and even ends up taking on a great mystery as to why there is a secret village of outcasts near her school (school for warriors Alexa, Nell and Jack end up at: called Two Rivers). I love the fact that even though warriors are kept for guarding and as entertainment Alexa is not afraid to speak her mind and do what's right. She even stands up to the queen of all races! I mean who does that! :) It's a good thing she does because Alexa was very disgusted by this fact and you just can't help feeling that emotion with her. Alexa is a very strong character and especially the way Ms. Gordon expresses Alexa's feelings, it's like you feel them too! AMAZING!!! All, I can say is that there isn't enough words for me to review this book. This is just a little snippet of what happens. There are so many more twists and turns and shocking discoveries, it will make your head spin (in a good way of course;) I can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens between Alexa and Kayden and even what Alexa finds outs at the end of the book (Tee heee, you have to read the book to find out)! I'm sure it will be fantastic. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, and every other amazing book out there! This was a great book to read and it kept to the edge of my seat! There isn't anything missing in this book, literally. It has it all. From the amazing idea of different types of vampires and races, to the amazing characters, to the mystery and action and even the chemistry between Alexa and Kayden! It was incredible and a joy ride. Blood Warrior is a definite must read!!!! ;) I just hope the release date for the next book is fast approaching other wise I will go crazy waiting for it to come out! LOL;)
  • My Enchanted Life on Feb. 27, 2012

    This was another fun book I got through Read2Review from Goodreads and I would like to thank them and the author Laura Eno for this very mystical and very whimsical type of book!!! I have to say, I don't usually read books with magical creatures in them, except for the usual vampire or werewolf here or there, but this book was just simply fun!! I liked the story, plot, main character and all the fun and loving and very interesting creatures!!! It was something different and something fresh....and I enjoyed it! It was light, a quick read and just vey nice and refreshing! So, the story is about Emma, an 18 year old girl, who finds out that she has inherited a house in the English countryside from a long lost uncle. Along with the house, Emma also got cash and a plane ticket straight to England, so she could see her estate. When Emma arrives at her house, she discovers not only some house but also a whole new magical world full of gnomes, nymphs, dragons, ghosts and demons. And then on top of all of that, she also finds out that she is a Sentinel and that it is her job and responsibility to keep the magical and mundane worlds separate and to protect all the creatures...her people, living in Wode Gate (her community) safe!!! To be honest, I didn't really expect much out of this book and really thought I would just have to skim it and thus it would be another boring book!! But, boy oh boy, let me tell you how WRONG I was! The story of this book will have you so captivated that you won't be able to put it down! That's what happened to me!!! Don't let the cover of the book fool you....this book truly was magical, in all the right sense with only a few flaws!!! Besides the plot and story of the book, I also enjoyed Emma. I just really liked her personality and loved how despite everything that was thrown at her she took in the news with her head held high....and only freaked out a little bit.....just a little! My point is for a teenager she accepted and handled her situations very well...and that is what made her such a strong heroine! However, even though she was a strong heroine personality wise, Emma wasn't the strongest main character. I couldn't really connect to Emma on a more personal level. I felt there was something missing from the story and to Emma's potential to be a great main character! But, I loved her interactions with all the different supernatural beings she meets on her trip. I especially enjoyed the grumpy dragon, Cussard. I thought he was a really cute touch to the "seriousness" of Emma's situation! However, I did have a few problems with the book. The first was the romance. Now, don't get me wrong I like Matthew but I thought it was way too abrupt and fast. But overall, it was a nice touch....I mean who can say No to any type of romance!!! Also, another thing I didn't really enjoy and really annoyed me was the fact that there were so many great characters but we don't know anything about them besides their name and race! I would have really liked to know more about Cussard, Deirdre, and even more about Matthew. Considering, Matthew was a main part of the book and Emma's life..there should have been more to his past. The same thing with the Underworld king and Finn....we don't really get to know them or anything about them. That was a let down! :( But despite, my issues it was still a very enjoyable book to read! Overall, I would say that My Enchanted Life was a fun, light read and a great book. I enjoyed many things about it and would recommend this to anybody looking for a fun way to pass their time!!! =)