Marc Morrell


I love to create. It's what makes me happy.

By day, I'm the owner of a small print shop on Long Island, New York, and a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. We design, print and mail high quality products very quickly, and help small businesses promote themselves at levels of professionalism they never thought they could afford.

As satisfying as that is, I also write fantasy fiction and populate the World of Terrok with the stuff in my head. The setting was born as a table top role-playing game world, but after more than 25 years of steady growth, it has bloomed into a full fledged fantasy world for public consumption, complete with its own comics and prose.

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  • Cora and the Clockwork Men: a chronicle of the Walker on Aug. 04, 2011

    Great, quick read that left me wanting more. I love this modern steam punk stuff.
  • Frank Versus The Vampire on Sep. 14, 2011

    A little bit of "Buffy" but it ain't pretty... unless you're talkin' "pretty gruesome!" This story is a nice slice of wise talking psych 101 as we see Frank, an unusually tough cop with a hint of super powers facing off against an extremely dangerous but young and dumb punk of a megalomaniac vampire. For Frank, who's seen it all before, this isn't one of his extreme cases, but if he doesn't pay attention and work it right, it may just be his last! Very easy, entertaining read. Just the kind of thing to get your mind and paranoia going.
  • The Old Sergeant on Sep. 14, 2011

    More please! I loved it! Great, compact, sniper/war story, with a little comrade rivalry gone bad and just the right touch of gnoll-and-power-armor to make my fantasy loving heart happy. Nastos' whole cloth steam-powered fantasy world of AegisSteel was really cool, and I could tell there is a lot more where this came from. Can't wait to read it!
  • Languages Fast and Easy ~ Swedish on Sep. 14, 2011

    I'm still working through this one, but this simple language learning system has some merit. There's not a lot to the piece other than the instructions and a list of words, but they -are- strategically organized for maximum effect. If I can stay focused and have my e-reader handy, I should be able to be speaking the basics of swedish in a few weeks, thanks to this booklet. Warning: there is no grammatical tutelage here, so if that's what you're after, look elsewhere. If I'd bought it as an actual instructional language book, I would be a little disappointed, but as a crash course at $2.99, it's worth the asking price.
  • Japanese in Depth vol.1 on Sep. 14, 2011

    Aha! A great collection of articles explaining the differences between the Western and Japanese points of view when it comes to Language. As a lover of Japanese culture, language and people, and as one who has traveled to Japan, I found this book both entertaining and enlightening. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in studying the language or in making sense of Japanese cinema, publications and traditions.