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  • Bird of Prey: A Horror Novella on Dec. 23, 2011

    In Alaska there's a small town were everyone gets along as best they can. Buck, the owner of a run down bar, goes to the town's abandoned steel mill to scavenge some tin to patch up the roof. While removing some tin siding from a shed, Buck cuts his hand open, and all chaos breaks loose. As the blood flows from his hand, a large animal attacks Buck and leaves him run back to the bar for reinforcements. As Buck and his friend Tommy try one more time to procure some tin, they find the sun blocked out by a giant creature with talons like a bird and a body like a moth. Drawn to the wound on Buck's hand the beast chases the men, once again back to the bar to reassess their plan. As the men realize that their town faces grave danger, the men switch from a scavenger plan to a search and destroy mission. What follows is an action packed and gory battle between man and monster. The overall concept of the book is interesting and has the right combination of dialogue, and gruesome action to keep the reader going through to the end of the short 50 page novella. At times, the description of bird/moth creatures could be better. At points it's a bird-man and at other it's a moth with larvae hatchlings with razor sharp teeth. Also the climax of the tale may require a little too much suspension of disbelief when it comes to "barely getting out alive." That, however, doesn't make the book any less fun. This book was provided in return for a review.