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Hello, I'd like to just take a minute to tell you a little about me and my journey so far in a personal message.

After experiencing a near-death experience in my youth it planted a seed of profound self-inquiry in hopes of explaining what had occurred. I had known from that point on that there was no such thing as 'death' and it sparked a fierce passion within me to 'figure things out' and uncover the greatest mysteries of this life. Thus, from an early age I questioned my religion, parents, authority figures, and teachers on their various ideas from what creates true unchanging happiness, the nature of Divinity, the essence of love, the subjective nature of life, and the meaning/purpose of existence and was continuously frustrated by the answers I was receiving. Nothing felt true and was never lasting. Therefore I realized very early that I would be embarking on this quest alone and nothing was going to deter me from the search for Truth.

I had always loved learning about all the various aspects of life on this Earth and couldn't seem to gain enough knowledge on just about everything. Because of this drive for more information I finished high school at the age of 15 and for my first few years in college, immersed myself in the studies of biology, chemistry, botany/zoology, physics, calculus, and philosophy. After this desire for understanding the physical world was more or less satisfied the quest for understanding humans' inner world took over and I devoted myself to a bachelor's degree in psychology that I received a few years later.

With exposure to this new fascinating knowledge I then went on to work in inpatient psychiatry where I gained priceless experience, realizations of truth, and wisdom pertaining particularly to the power of the mind and its ability to either empower or destroy us. While working with some of the most severely confused minds I came to realize amazing truths regarding the human condition, spirituality, the energies of love and compassion, and the fields of consciousness. With these new insights I then began to search for a context that was capable of making sense of my many ideas and theories that had been formulating and evolving.

I had planned to become a medical doctor since youth and after a series of events I decided on pursuing a doctorate in naturopathic medicine since it was the most in congruence with my perspectives on life and healing in comparison to allopathic or osteopathic approaches. But being in medical school quickly became unsatisfying, granted I was exposed to incredible information and brilliant colleagues that only supported and deepened my theories on happiness, health, spirituality, and the power of the mind. However, I had to follow my heart and left medical school to focus my attention on the deeper spiritual truths of life that I was seeking. This led to a period of fascination with studies of quantum physics, metaphysics/ontology, epistemology, occult knowledge, 'mentalphysics', and further exploration in psychology, particularly Buddhist psychology.

After this period of intellectual freedom and continuous study and research I then began a masters program in counseling Jungian-depth psychology. This however, again left me feeling unsatisfied by its limitations and inability to explain the deeper realizations I had coming from within me. Although I did receive wonderful knowledge pertaining to honing my counseling, communication, and teaching skills the deeper sense of fulfillment was still lacking. Thus, I left again and decided to devote myself purely to spiritual/existential self-inquiry which seemed to be unlimited in potential and fulfillment. As it turned out, this was exactly the case and with discovery of Dr. David Hawkins and the contextual awareness of the evolution of consciousness it felt that I had at last found the truth that I had been searching for my entire life. In combination with endless study of the Bhagavad-Gita, teachings of the Buddha, Jesus the Christ, and other mystics and enlightened sages, there was finally a feeling of Absolute Truth and completeness.

With this new direction and dedication I set out to realize the truth about our infinite power within, the truth about our infinite joy, eternal love, and endless bliss that was intended to be ours. It seems humanity is sleeping and totally overlooking the completely obvious immortal love and joy that is all present. All our wildest dreams are waiting to come true, all that we must do is stop resisting our own greatness and divinity. With that being said, it is my privilege and honor to share with you everything that has been given in hopes of helping you realize the true lasting happiness that we all desire and rightfully deserve. I am fully confident that as we remember how to recognize the infinite resources within us we can change our lives in every way imaginable. Likewise, through radical self-inquiry and self-honesty we can uncover the most profound of Truth pertaining to our true divine nature and realize our Immortal Self.

If you are reading this, then know that I love you unconditionally and eternally and hope that I can be of service to you in your life. I seek only to serve humanity and aid in others' journey of becoming conscious of who we really are and thereby realize the infinite happiness and love waiting to be discovered within us.

With Peace and Love always,

-Mathew Micheletti

Mathew continues to be of service and dedicated to the alleviation of suffering through writing, counseling, communion, humor, playful innocence, and simply being. Although solitude, simplicity, and silence are preferred, his ability to interact with the world is inspired by the joy of service and therefore travels extensively and makes himself available to counsel and teach on an individual and group basis. People from all walks of life, around the world, have recognized Mathew as spiritually illumined and a teacher of advanced states of consciousness, psychology, and spiritual reality. His life is devoted to uplifting and serving humanity by offering and reminding others of fundamental, liberating Truth.

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