Max Tomlinson


Max Tomlinson is an author of thrillers and novels of suspense who is drawn to imaginary people, many of whom who end up populating the pages of his books.

He lives in San Francisco, a city with its share of faults (seismic and otherwise) but finds it a great place to hide from the real world. And if he needs a character for a novel he just rides public transport for an hour or so.

When not writing, works as a software architect, which is a nice way of saying he hacks around on computers and actually gets paid for it. Believes that writing code and writing fiction have a lot in common, both being creative processes that require iteration (rewriting) until they ‘work’.

When not writing or working is hopefully traveling, often somewhere in Latin America.

Kindred spirits with a dog named Floyd, a shelter mix who stops and stares at police cars. There's a story there, too. If only Floyd could talk.

Books: SENDERO, WHO SINGS TO THE DEAD and LETHAL DISPATCH. Oh, and a book of short dark fiction titled OUT BY THE TREES.

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