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Megan Trennett is a Nova Scotian living in Quebec with her husband and son. She loves writing stories about falling in love, or love in general, and the sometimes stupid things it makes people do. A fan of chick-lit, she also is a huge fan of Christopher Moore, and also likes to read the occasional Fantasy, Young Adult, or Literary.

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It was always you
Price: Free! Words: 49,630. Language: English. Published: November 1, 2014. Category: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
NaNoWriMo 2014 book. Last updated 2014-11-14 20:50:58
When Jordan wakes up in the wrong yet familiar bed of her best friend's brother Donovan, she freaks out. Sure, she's grown close to him over the years, lived with him when their children were very young, and has had some close encounters on a few occasions, but not like this. Never had she risked Katie's friendship to be with her sexy, smart older brother.
When I was Hers
Price: Free! Words: 5,450. Language: English. Published: October 19, 2014. Category: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
Donovan had started falling for Ellen the moment they met, and while it took some time she eventually admitted she shared his feelings. There's only one thing that could break them apart: the one she let get away.
An Altered Ending
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 85,570. Language: English. Published: October 6, 2014. Category: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
Five years after she graduated, Ellen Mitchell thought her life would be different. She wouldn't be back in the city she grew up in, would not have a dying mother, and certainly wouldn't be without "him." Then the e-mail comes in from the "him" that should have been so much more. But is it too late? Or is it that when it comes to Simon Avery, it's a love that will remain unrequited.
Heart Pulled to Pieces
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 81,040. Language: English. Published: August 6, 2014. Category: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
Nothing catches someone off guard like their spouse casually saying "I want a divorce." So what's a girl to do? For Andi Mathews it means moving to a small tourist town. But no one said it would be easy, and Andi soon figures out that love isn't as black and white as he made it seem. Especially when she meets Rob, the town heartbreaker who can relate to Andi’s plight unlike anyone else.
How We Began
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 174,000. Language: English. Published: February 27, 2013. Category: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
Ellen is a quiet bookworm who’s starting University. Simon is a charming writer about to make a change in his career. The two, though sometimes complete opposites, are drawn to one another. They get to know each other, discover the things they have in common, become friends, and eventually fall in love. There’s just one problem: That career change makes Simon Ellen’s creative writing professor.

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