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Micah loves anything and anybody that loves the Declaration of Independence.

Micah loves trail blazers.

Micah loves the Union.

Micah doesn't please everyone.

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  • In the Pope's Bedroom. on Dec. 29, 2012

  • Cat Wood Park Adventures - Is the Pen Mightier Than the Mace? on Dec. 29, 2012

    I'm kvelling.
  • Apple of Sodom on Dec. 29, 2012

    I wept for her son and her insanity. Ms Uju, though the name is funny, is a sick perfectionist. I loved the way she checked into a mental home. People who still think being gay is wrong need to get their head checked. I love your writing style. You've shown me a new way to write. You're a writer to be watched. I'm inspired. I doff.
  • 13 Years in America on Dec. 30, 2012

    Steele you're awesome! 13 Years in America, I connected. I shared in her emotions, hopes, fears and success. Thanks for making it free.
  • In the Pope's Bedroom. on Feb. 05, 2013

    I just saw this revision. . .my God you're awesome. But now I'm beginning to think you're a racist.
  • When You Were A Baby on Feb. 05, 2013

    With this piece you just put out here I'm glad to announce to you that I give up my writing dream for a champion- you- have emerged. Africa is endowed!
  • God is Gay on Feb. 05, 2013

    A Shakespeare has come to the twenty hundreds!