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Hi there, welcome to my world. Want to know me better? Just take a look at my diverse range of ebooks and dive into the world of Mikey Lee Ray. Some of my ebooks have already been downloaded thousands of times, that's a good start.

I'm always working on new projects, for example recently Richard Batchelor (author of "the Temp Pest") and I began to release the magazine LSD. As the title suggests it's highly experimental. In the long run we'll see if it's successful.

My newest ebook is called "How to Lose Money and Irritate People" and it's doing rather nicely so far. My first parody series in conjunction with other writers titled "Cherry Popper and the Pimpmaster's Stone" is currently being held up by the lawyers but when things get resolved I hope to publish it ASAP.

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  • 70 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes on Sep. 27, 2012

    While I did enjoy some of the quotes I feel this ebook needs a lot of work in order to achieve its full impact. For example more information on the writer who uses quotes from himself however without context quotes are merely words on a page. If you're looking to be inspired by words and ideas this might just be for you though.
  • The Nine Mistakes Gamblers Make on Sep. 27, 2012

    First off I work in the gambling industry and I've heard every system under the sun and so this one is no different. Every sucker I see regularly at the slots machine has a 'system' that they play by and each one loses in the end. The only people making money from gambling are a) the people who own these venues be it slots machines or the casinos and b) people who sell these systems to suckers like you. If you want to know the truth about the gambling industry then I recommend you read my warts and all expose Confessions of a Gaming Attendant. It takes an insider to expose the hypocrisy and corruption of an industry after all and to explain why it is the way it is. Guys like this are just out to make a fast buck.
  • Skipping the Tiramisu: Becoming the Writer You Were Born to Be on Sep. 27, 2012

    Finally, a book written that makes you want to become a writer and not the other way around. Or as in my case to become more invested in writing. I couldn't agree more with Kristine's comments about blogging and social media. Yes it's good to have a group on facebook to discuss your writing but at the end of the day is anyone actually doing anything because of it? Confessions of a Gaming Attendant for example has a facebook group with 30 members, how many sales has it generated? Zero. Social media and the internet in general are great if you have an existing audience but if no one is searching for you how will they find you? You need a presence in the real world like fish need water. Sorry about the pun. Kristine's book was not only inspirational but it made sense with the advice it gave. About taking time off from writing and blogging to recharge the batteries, ditto my agreement. If you write non stop you're in front of a computer all the time and you need to get out to have experiences so that you can write better. Nobody wants to read something they can't relate to. But I digress, all in all if you're a writer or even just a dedicated reader then this is something I can't recommend reading highly enough. But damn it all those references to white chocolate raspberry cheesecake sure did make me hungry. :) On an altogether unrelated note about writing I'd recommend maybe making a video trailer for your book and posting it on youtube I know it's worked for me.
  • A Guide For Your Gambling Trip To Vegas on Sep. 29, 2012

    Downloaded this in PDF format and it came out pretty buggy but what I could read of it was great and the author clearly knows the city well. I think The Pleasure Pit was the best place I played cards at in Vegas, I mean really playing cards against half naked women (and I won for the record) you can't really top that can you? Viva Las Vegas, a cool read. Def recommending this one.
  • Quit Smoking For Intelligent People. The Psychology Of Quitting on Oct. 15, 2012

    Finally, someone who has the common sense to break the age old myths about breaking addictions and habits, much like I've been saying in 'Conquer Your Addiction' and other titles this reveals the plain fact that most of 'addiction' is simply a repeated habit and is in the behavior as well as the mind. Breaking addictions has become an industry worth a lot of money, especially with smoking where you can buy 'nicotine gum' and 'nicotine patches' but Mitch here shows a no-nonsense approach that actually works.
  • The Temp Pest on March 03, 2013

    For those of you who wish to bitch About your nine to five job please spare a thought for Rich. His humorous, painful tale's one of comedy and woe. Drawing from Greek legends which some of you may know. With biting satire, sarcasm and wit One can only assume The Temp Pest will be a hit. (I do my bit). - Mikey P.S. the football match had me in hysterics.
  • Che Forever on April 10, 2014

    I give you 5 stars for bringing up the subject however I'm sure there are a lot of people in Cuba who would disagree with your views about Che Guevara. For one all the people who had family members executed by Che. The Cubans who called him an 'assassin' and whose economy was wrecked by Che and Castro, or authors like Humberto Fontova who wrote "Exposing The Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize him." Che hated America, executed many without even the sham trials Stalin gave his victims and was a hopeless military leader in Bolivia and elsewhere. Castro sent him overseas to get rid of him and when he was deservedly shot as he'd executed so many in the same fashion Castro made a martyr out of him. People are Useful Idiots if they wear "Che Guevara" tee shirts in the streets with no idea of who the man really was. Ask a Cuban who he was don't ask Robert Redford or Benecio Del Toro.