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  • Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy on June 19, 2012

    I was lucky enough to get to read this book through an ARC. It was a terrific book. I know we have all said; "I couldn't put it down", but in this case it was very true for me. I seriously considered taking a day off from work just to finish it. That was my fault for thinking I could just read a chapter or two before bed. The characters were well formed for high school age students and paranormal/magic beings. It was clear who I was supposed to root for, and the author made sure that I was. I was very disappointed when the book ended and can't wait to get hold of the next installments. There were portions of this book that reminded me of the "Fever" series by Karen Marie Moning, but for the most part it felt very original and I will try to patiently wait to discover more of Meghan and Cade. I have my doubts about the patient part.
  • Fated Dreams (Book One In The Affinity Series) on July 21, 2012

    I enjoyed this book, and agree with several others that the character of Sarah was well written and recognizable. However, I felt that for as close a family unit as the author wrote for the Samson family,the fact that Sarah never shared some of her experiences, and feelings of being followed was unlikely, but I understand how it helped the story line. The same applies to Lucas and Sarah withholding certain information about their own dreams from each other. I liked the characters in this book as well as the flow of the story and felt that Ms.Smith did a nice job of combining the romance and the suspense/mystery aspects. Nothing was too far-fetched, and I especially appreciated the "redemption" of Logan. Thank you to Christina Smith and the Goodreads group "We ♥ YA Books" for allowing the opportunity to read and review this book. It was appreciated.
  • The Soul's Mark: FOUND (The Soul's Mark, #1) on July 25, 2012

    If this is Ms. Stoyanoff's first novel, I can't wait until she really gets going! I really enjoyed this book. The pace was good, and all the characters were wonderful. I loved this author's take on the vampire history and the whole soul loss and search for the other person. It was romantic, but had a nice amount of action for a YA book. I understand that readers have had vampires shoved down their throats in recent years, but this had such a nice take on the more "human" aspects of the vampires, and the author included some great twists and conflicts to keep it unique. I also liked the idea that all of Willowberg knew exactly who their town benefactors were, and accepted it, even if they kept their distance. Sounds like most towns even without the paranormal aspect. There were a number of grammar/editing errors, but it didn't take away from the story, just caused me to re-read the sentence to get the correct meaning from the context. It certainly didn't bother me enough to take away a star, or to do more than mention t in passing for this review. I agree with many other of the reviewers: Please give us more of these characters!
  • Dolmarehn - Book Two of the Otherworld Trilogy on Aug. 06, 2012

    This is the second time I couldn't wait to read a book, and couldn't put the book down, but then I get upset that it's over, and now I know I will have to wait again until I can catch up with Meghan and Cade. I read a lot of the YA books because my students read them, and I like to have some idea of the stories that are catching their interests. This is a series that I will mention to the students. The Celtic lore, and the fantasy aspects of the story make the books enjoyable and intriguing. Ms. Johnson delivers another spellbinding story with just enough action and romance to keep every reader interested. I am looking forward to the next installment and more of Eile. Just not looking forward to the wait.
  • Freewill on Sep. 18, 2012

    I wanted to like this book series! I was very excited by the description and I have had great luck with teh Goodreads ARR books. However, I just didn't like this series. I really thought the beginning was well done and I immediately wanted more story of the Tick Hill Farm and the fae, but what I got instead was a lot of dark, depressing, bitter events and convoluted stories told from too many perspectives that overlapped in confusing ways. I will admit that I skimmed many times in reading this and it may be my own fault that I missed some events that tied into others, but I never once felt anything positive about the characters (except for the "talentless" human, Michael). The characters were all annoyingly clingy and scarred/damaged by their "gifts". By the end of the third book I no longer cared if Ellie lived or died, was human or Other. It took until the end of the third book to learn about the events in the first chapter of the first book. I was angry with this book for leading me on such a windy path with so few clean conclusions that by the end, I didn't care how it was tied up. I hope I am in the minority on this, because I felt that Ms Draper put a lot of time and effort into creating it. It just was not a series that I enjoyed or would recommend to others.
  • Consequences on Sep. 18, 2012

    I included many of my thoughts in my review of Freewill, the first book in this series. I wanted to like Christopher and his evolution, but he just made me angry. The villians were truly evil and the good guys were only slightly evil.... I was annoyed at teh immature way the characters dealt with their problems, and the only characters that had a clue were the animals! Just couldn't buy into this series.
  • Vindication on Sep. 18, 2012

    I was so disappointed in the other two books in this series that this one never stood a chance. I was brought up that you never walk out on a movie you paid for and you don't quit reading a book you started. I finished it, but I didn't like it.
  • Vampire's Forbidden Territory: Sídhí Summer Camp #2 on Nov. 13, 2012

    While this book is the second in the Sidhi Summer Camp series, and I read it as the second book, it would have been easy enough to read this as it's own story. The characters remained the same, but the focus shifted to different relationships and built more around the subversive organization that wants the summer camp to fail and the evil leaders to prevail. There was a bit more of the romance aspect in this story, but it included plenty of otherworldly creatures (some were pretty creepy)and other bits of mayhem to keep most readers interested in the outcome. I liked the way Ms. Cooper developed the characters and incorporated some legends that "mundanes" (humans) have heard of and explained how they came from the Sidhi realm. It was another fun read, and I am looking forward to trying out some other books by Jodie B. Cooper.
  • Forbidden Temptation of a Vampire: Sídhí Summer Camp #1 on Nov. 13, 2012

    A mandatory summer camp for the two eldest children of some of the most powerful families in the Sidhi world. A chance for the various races to live together in peace and learn that they are not as different as they think. Many believe it will never succeed and others believe that there is an ulterior motive for wanting the children in such a vulnerable position. Katie and her twin, Mitch are halflings (vampire/elf mix) and they are forced to live with full blooded vampires who, as a rule, hate halflings. The first vampires that Mitch and Katie encounter are Jared and his sister, Emily. The girls seem to hit it off, but Katie is wary of the way Jared acts. She feels he might be plotting against her, and yet she can't help her attraction to him. Among the other cabin mates are Jared's girlfriend (sort of) and a vampire that feeds exclusively on blood. The group is forced to spend their time together and hikes into the mountains where several adventures occur as well as bonding experiences. The book was a fun read. It was a nice pace and included enough adventure, mystery and romance for just about any reader. I found it very easy to like (or dislike) the characters as they were written and felt that Ms. Cooper struck the right balance between typical teenage silliness and more mature common sense and logic. I never found myself yelling at the characters for being "dumb" (like the first few victims in a horror movie). The book flowed nicely and easily set itself up for the accompanying book in the series. This is a very easy book to recommend to young readers. It has a little of everything for everyone