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  • The Savior of Turk on Nov. 20, 2011

    I laughed hysterically from the moment I picked up Ron Smith’s novel, “The Savior of Turk” ‘ until the time I put it down. One day, I intend to read it. Groucho Marx aside, what an enjoyable tale. Ron truly has a gift for story-telling and a keen ear for dialogue. In this fast-passed journey of a “square peg” Indian family settling down in a small, slow-moving Missouri town, one can almost feel, smell and taste the grit of Turk on every page. The characters Ron paints are real everyday working folks. They seem to leap right off the pages and into your heart. Some you cheer for - others - not so much. At times “I thought” I knew exactly where Ron was taking me, only to be thrown an unsuspecting curve. Ron’s unique way of looking at life combined with his uncanny sense of humor and breezy style make “Savior of Turk” a truly wonderful read. While “Catcher in the Rye” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” were by no means kid books, I do think kids will get the same kind of take away from Turk. Especially those who are about to cross the bridge between middle and high school or high school to college. If I was a teacher and had my say as to what books I would list as a “must read” for my class – this would be one of them. I like Ron Smith and look forward to reading more from him.