Nikki Macik


With a background in Cosmetology, Nikki Macik has helped others "feel" better about themselves; only to come to the realization that it can only be a temporary "feel good" fix. She has had an awakening to Divine Truth in her 20's; becoming aware of what she feels our purpose for existence is all about; Love, Divine Love. Because of understanding the importance in living a life of Love and truth, she chose to leave her nearly 14 year relationship for Love. She desires to share her life experiences which have not only led to her awakening, but Soul changing journey as it unfolded for her; in the hopes of reaching individuals in a way in which they can relate, and obtain the knowledge and Love that not only she has found and is continually learning, but would also Love to share with all who desire to know. She desires to help other's in discovering what is truly important in life.


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