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When I was in high school back in the 1970s, I weaned on Dracula and Dark Shadows, and have always enjoyed a good horror or science fiction flick. I did not begin writing until 1990, when a college professor encouraged me to try writing to help process my grief over my mother's death. A Stephen King fan, I began with horror fiction, and work through my grief I did, for many of my protagonists were grieving over deceased parents.
My horror and science fiction short stories have appeared in The Vampire's Crypt, Alien Worlds, Detective Mystery Stories, The Ultimate Unknown, and other small press magazines. Night to Dawn published some of my tales before the former editor retired. I've been editing the magazine for the last four years.
My first novel, Twilight Healer, has gone through three printings. I've worked full time as a respiratory therapist over thirty years. In City of Brotherly Death and my other tales, I brought my medical background to the printed page, blending it with supernatural horror. Happily, the hospital where I've worked treats patients much better than the ones featured in my stories. That also goes for the nursing homes, for the most part. Sad to say, some of the abuses described have really happened, although I've taken artistic license to conceal identities.
I've begun publishing books through the Night to Dawn imprint. Tom Johnson's Savage Land of Jur enjoyed a four-star review. You can check out the Night to Dawn books available on by going to the link for authors' names on the bottom of the page. I've been pretty active in the authors' online and in-person communities such as Horror Writers Association,,, WorldFictionWriters, and others. To read my blog or find out more about me and my projects, stop by at
I live in Pennsylvania with my husband Michael. Like many of my characters, I enjoy collecting Mylar balloons. To contact me, e-mail me at and put Night to Dawn on the subject line.

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  • The Metamorphosis of Timothy Dunn on Oct. 31, 2011

    Timothy Dunn reads nicely. Timothy is a well drawn character, and the story made a great page-turner. I would strongly recommend it from anyone who loves science fiction.