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  • Points on a Curve on Aug. 03, 2013

    Basketball lovers this is a book for you!! While this book was heavy on the basketball terminology, you don’t have to be a sports junkie to read it. I am definitely NOT a sports fanatic and I found it fascinating to see the fast-paced world of pro basketball. I especially enjoyed seeing it from a journalist’s point of view! Most of us that read have a least a little fascination with the written word in any format, so to see what an investigative journalist goes through is really something. This book was fun, sexy, fast-paced, and even had a little danger included! This book was one you don’t want to miss! The heat that Tay and Rob generate is off the charts before anything even happens!! I love that is sort of comes out of no where for both of them. They are “set-up” by Rob’s sister, and Tay’s best friend, and at first can’t even make small talk. She is appalled by his table manners and he figures she is just so not his type that it’s not worth it. How wrong they are! An accidental brush while reaching for a napkin changes the game for both of them. You will love this one!! Definitely worth it!!! Feel free to check out more on
  • EXcapades on Aug. 26, 2013

    This story was an emotional roller a GOOD way!! I am also giving a suspense classification for this book. I have to tell you, I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. When it begins she "knows something’s wrong" but refuses to call the doctor’s office back. This sort of hangs over you for the majority of the book. And even once she finds out there is so much suspense in what will she do? Will she or won't she tell him? A lot of mysteries don't keep me in suspense that well!! I am also going to break it to you as gently as I WILL cry! I don't think it's possible not to! This is the type of story that reaches in and grabs a hold of all of your emotions and doesn't let go!! I honestly had a horrible time putting it down once I picked it up. This is such a fun book with a pretty serious undertone. It is definitely one you don't want to miss!! Feel free to check out more at my website