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  • The Artist's Inheritance (Antique Magic, Book #1) on Feb. 04, 2013

    Cait and Trevor have just moved into a new home, nearer to his brother's widow, and near a Civil War fort. Since getting there, he sketched and carved this rather, ah, ugly chair that he just seems to be utterly obsessed about. It consumes most of his waking hours, and various dreams and nightmares have started consuming his night ones. She wants to get rid of it, he just about wants no part of that. Sure, at times, he'll say when we find the right buyer, but she knows that basically means no, it is not going to happen. As time goes on, she gets really worried about him, because Trevor seems to be headed exactly down the path that his brother had been on before his death - he grew obsessive and violent, with dreams and nightmares. Plus his new-found friend/business associate is just not giving her good vibes. What's worse, she's been starting with her own nightmares and visions, mostly stemming from what seem to be people from the Civil War. She hasn't got a clue as to what is going on; when she bumps into someone she knew in college and her friends, all Wiccans, they start seeing and understanding what is going on, a curse on his family, and that business associate is more than meets the eye, but she doesn't buy it... at least at first. After a while, however, yep, she buys it, and realizes it was the cause of her brother-in-law's death, plus others from Trevor's family in years past. She very much hopes that through what they know, they can help kick this curse out of there, because this could very much not end well for any of them. This was a pretty good first novel, with mysteries and twists and turns where you're just not sure what is going to happen next. It's not a romance in the traditional sense as the other books I post here, but you can say it is a love conquers all story - plenty of people who just didn't get or understand what Trevor was doing/going through, might have very well left him, but she stuck by him, even after those moments Cait did consider that she simply had it, both with his behavior and that chair. Her friends, the Wiccan aspects and things related to them were new to me, so I learned a little something from this story. Don't be surprised that once you get to the end of the story that the idea of them being around the supernatural isn't 100% wrapped up - I had forgotten this is a first of a series, and Cait and Trevor will see more adventures headed their way. All in all, for those who like paranormal and just your downright spooky stories, will find this a fine story to try out.