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  • Martuk ... The Holy on June 27, 2012

    I remember thinking, when I read the description, "Mmmmm... this sounds yummy!" And it absolutely was. What a lovely, imaginative, exquisitely written treat to sink my teeth into. Yum. I stayed up until 11pm last night finishing "Martuk... The Holy" because I couldn't put it down. When I finished, I hit the page forward button on my Kindle at least 3 times, hoping for even more pages. I wanted to call someone and tell them about all it, because it literally left me saying "Wow!" Part of me wants to tell a synopsis of this book, as if anyone reading were a friend I was describing it to. But the truth is, my description won't do it justice. If your reading choices tend to all be light and fluffy, you might find the depth and intensity of Martuk to be a bit too much. This is the kind of book that must be - and deserves to be - unraveled by the reader, each layer peeled back in its own time at the reader's own pace and tasted for its own flavor. If you like a book with some meat to it, though, if you appreciate excellent writing by an author who has a true gift with language, definitely do NOT pass this one up. Be forewarned, its dark and twisty path will take you places you don't expect, and it's a helluva ride. Make some "Me Time" to curl up and dive headlong into Martuk's world, to sort through his thoughts and experiences, to ride with him on his journey. Jonathan Winn is an author who knows how to take you cleanly out of this world, to captivate and hold you where he wants you, to make you hear, see, smell and feel everything as though you are literally right there. For example; In every dusty scene of this book, I was constantly sipping water, unable to get enough because I was so completely *there*... and all that dust made me actually thirsty. (There are better examples, but again... no spoilers.) What a pleasure to enjoy the skill and talent of this author! Thank you, Jonathan Winn, for writing this book. I'm so glad I read it. It's an amazing story, and it's told beautifully. The depth of characters, of detail for surroundings and new scenes gave me a running movie in my head, stunningly directed. You have a gift with language that I truly appreciate and I look forward to imbibing more. Yummy indeed.