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Author of the Otherworldly Prophecies Novels. Mother of two precious princesses that rule my heart and home. Soul mate to the man I searched for all my life, and slave to the written word.


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The first book in the Otherworldly Prophecies series.


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Smashwords book reviews by Natasha Wetzel

  • Natural Selection on May 23, 2013
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    Natural Selection (forces of nature) is a wonderfully woven tale. This YA book is as beautiful as it is moving. That awkward stage where most teenagers are caught between being kids and adults is always tough, try being an otherworldly creature on top of it. If that isn't bad enough, find out that your brother and sister are adopted demons. Amelia is a strong, cute character and I see a lot of promise in this book. It hooked me from the start and I didn't have to struggle to finish. It was wonderful. There isn't a bad thing I can say about it. For a young adult book I give this a 10 star rating. Unfortunately I have a five star limit here. Still, this book is a gem. I loved that there was even bits of book two after the ending of the first one. I will be reading more. This was absolutely wonderful and would recommend it to anyone. The greatest part, no sex! Why am I thrilled about that? Because a.) I don't enjoy reading sex scenes b.) I have younger siblings that I recommend stories to. My honest review is I found this a most memorable and fun adventure and I look forward to more