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P.LeZure writes using 40% fiction and 60% memory & experience, using a combination of real people, real places and real life situations for inspiration, which adds to the realism of both the characters and the stories he writes.

Married very young and naturally shy, it wasnt until he went through his first divorce that he really found out about sex. Meeting an older bisexual lady, she told him that only another lady knows exactly WHAT, HOW, WHERE and WHEN. She made him put aside all he though he knew, then taught him how to pleasure like a woman would pleasure, it was a lesson well learnt.

Later in life after yet another divorce and then being hurt a few failed new relationships he started to explore Swinging, this reduced the chances of being hurt further. Now using the 'No Strings' freedom of swinging he began to overcome his shyness a little and his confidence grew. After several years swinging he then also began to explore the world of BDSM, now an accomplished 'Dom' he also has this wide range of experience to write into his stories.

There is no holding back in his writing, you will not find his stories cutting away to rolling waves or rockets taking off from a launchpad, his stories are 'what they say on th tin', they tell it how it really is, explicit; highly detailed and realistic. Using observations of the mannerisms; traits; needs and desires of real people, makes you feel as if you are the character you are reading about, the stories are always very arousing making you feel you are actually there and experiencing it all for yourself.

His earlier 'mini-books' (Samantha series & Sandy series) were shorter stories about the size of a normal chapter, they were originaly written for 'friends', bringing their own 'Real' erotic fantasies to life inside a story, but his later work with his 'Full books' now takes that much further.

Smashwords Interview

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Exploring the world through computer, researching a wide range of interests for use in my webpages and later books.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Mostly through recommendation of fellow Authors, but also from advertisments
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  • The Photographer (Book #1 D.I. Marsh series) on March 25, 2013

    I have now read both this book and the follow up called 'Devil takes a bow', both great reading and well thought out, an interesting storyline that holds attention and prevents you from putting the book down, making you intrigued as to what is just around the corner. I am now eagerly awaiting the next in the series and recommend the whole series. P.LeZure