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Smashwords book reviews by Paty

  • Holding On on Jan. 17, 2012

    I absolutely loved this story and highly recommend it to anyone who loves m/m romances. It is a wonderful love story with just the right amount of kink. I don't think I've ever met a more kind and caring Dom. Gun is absolutely the sweetest most loving Dom and just who David needed. As for David you just want to hug him tight and give him all the love in the world.
  • The Alpha's Mate on Nov. 12, 2012

    If you're looking for a well written book that grabs your attention and sucks you in then this is the book for you. Ms. Rhoades has a real talent for combining humor, adventure and romance. Though it could use a good proof reader to fix the typos and it did bog down a little towards the end. Though I've given it a 4 star, if I could I'd give it a 3.5 but since I enjoyed it so much I bumped it up and I would reccomend it to my friends. For a city girl Elizabeth Reynolds certainly turned out to be tough when she needed to be and I loved that about her. My only problem with her was her thoughts about her weight. That also is my only real problem with this story. It concerns me greatly when I read that she's "plump" and then discover that she is 5ft 3in. tall and weighs 115lbs. That is soooo not plump!!! And then to hear her say, "I'm round enough as it is." and for the H to replay with, "Nothing wrong with a little meat on a woman." This disturbs me because she's thin!!!! I expected the H to tell her she was out of her mind! I've read many werewolf romances and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the differences that Ms. Rhoades built into this world. So overall this was a good book that made me laugh, cry and grip the arm of the chair in suspense. Therefore, I suggest the next time you're in the mood to laugh and cry all while being held in suspense that you read this book. In the interest of full disclosure I wish to acknowledge that I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
  • Daimones on Dec. 10, 2012

    I honestly would prefer to give this 2 1/2 stars if I could..... I can't decide if I would reccommend this book or not. There were many things that I liked about it and yet many that I didn't as well. Though while it did start out very slowly and had numerous grammatical errors and the vocabulary at times was terrible it also contained some thought provoking statements interspersed throughout. I must admit that on and off through the book I did skim because it would get so bogged down with details that were quite frankly, in my opinion, not neccessary to the story. I am already educated and didn't feel the need to be re-educated. Furthermore, I much prefer to be shown the story not just told and yet way too often I was only being told. .....SPOILER ALERT.....SPOILER ALERT....... I understand that the situation isn't normal and I am intellegent enough to understand the reasons Mr. Marino had for writing it this way and how he wants readers to feel about it. However, an author cannot control how a reader will feel and though he told me that he viewed Mary's choice as being made in order to hopefully make a better life for her daughter I do not see it that way at all. As a wife and mother I can state unequivocally that if I was in Mary's place I would have killed the manipulative bitch long before she horned in on my husband. When she gave Mary the ultimatum to share or she would go I would have told her not to let the door hit her in the ass on her wait out. Quite frankly the position Mary's in now would lead me to suicide. I could not and would not live like that. Nor would I teach my daughter to accept a life like that. How could she believe that he loves her so much when he made the decision that he made without discussing it with her first?! While I agree that a story must provoke feelings and strong reactions an author walks a fine line.For me that line was crossed. What I've been told in this book is that sex with the suppossedly much loved wife isn't even interesting enough to show us yet sex with the new, young beautiful college student warranted detail. Doesn't seem much different from all the real life cheaters running around in the world. Furthermore, while we are then told that he loves them both we see almost no contact, let alone intimacy with the wife. We are told numerous times how beautiful Laura is and yet I can't even remember what the supposedly loved wife looks like. UGH! He was obviously thinking with the wrong head and just as obviously didn't love his wife as much as he'd told us that he did. In closing I would like to say that I have seen a few reviews that compare this to Stephen King's "The Stand" and must disagree. While yes they are both post apocalyptic stories with some paranormal leanings that is the only thing they have in common. One is good vs. evil while the other ultimately leans more towards religious. I want to acknowledge that I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
  • Daimones on Dec. 12, 2012

    An addendum to my review... I can tell you without hesitation is that the world that Mr. Marino created intrigued me and I do look forward to the next book in the series. Yes, despite the complaints that I have, I feel compelled to see this new world through to either the end of the series or to the point that I am so angry that it outweighs my interest.
  • Out of the Dungeon on Jan. 17, 2013

    Updated review after reading the revised edition..... Ms. Johnson has done a wonderful job revising "Out of the Dungeon". She's managed to stay true to the original storyline and characters and yet at the same time she's given us more insight into Roman. I highly recommend that anyone who loved "Above the Dungeon" but wasn't too enamored with Roman in the original "Out of the Dungeon" read this new revised edition. It is fabulous! Roman no longer comes across as such an ass. I can't wait until Book three is released! Original Review: This was nothing like I'd expected and honestly the way it ended left me thinking WTF?! Can't say more without spoiling it completely so I won't but I seriously this was a total contradiction to things that Roman said. He's a selfish ass!