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  • Dreams Unleashed, Book 1 of The Prophecies Dystopian Trilogy on Oct. 28, 2011

    This second edition of Dreams Unleashed really moves along well, and is written beautifully. The main character, Ann, is really appealing to me. She's independent, a free spirit who's not set in her ways, is mature but still growing. I think there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with her dog, so Ann's dog, Lulu, adds to the story. I found the remote viewing very interesting, as it explores the potential of the human mind. Of course the Herkimer crystals in the story were facinating. There seems to be some potential to them that we have not yet discoverd in 2011; there is just something about them. I really enjoyed the lure of the Pacific Northwest as the root of the story. Linda Hawley not only stretches your imagination, but she approaches the perils of a dystopian society with a new sense of hope. I really thought it was fantastic, and worthy of a five star review. I already bought the second book in the series.
  • Guardian of Time, Book 2 of The Prophecies Dystopian Trilogy on Nov. 01, 2011

    I thought that Guardian of Time was a very engaging story. In this second book there is good closure to some of the mysteries of book one, but enough open questions to lead well into the third book. The author's writing in the first chapter was stealor. The way she described the events in the airplane seemed authentic. I liked what's happening with the lead character, Ann. She is evolving and as she understands her potential, she is utilizing it selflessly. I liked the significant scene with Sinead, and how she seemed to evolve. I liked the sailboat trip in the San Juan's to Canada. (I wish I was doing that right at this moment.) I liked the imagery of India and of her travels as she has to leave. The book was full of surprises, especially about Paul. The ending was fantastic. It is truly a story that gets you thinking. Linda Hawley is gifted in describing beautiful imagry as Ann travels through perilous obstacles and a corrupt encroaching world.