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Talon and Princess like any set of twins, was far closer than just your average brother and sister and went through life sharing and liking many of the same things, music, writing, rocks and even the desire for men.
Now sharing a home in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where they raise Prin’s daughter fondly named the Bug. They found themselves returning to writing, in the form of screen-writes with hopes of one day seeing one of their scripts put to actual film. They never did.
Both worked in the concert Industry: Prin did everything from being a stagehand to Production manager, while Talon remained a tour rigger and steel climber. Yet writing would call them back time and time again.
This time, the call came in the form of a dream Prin had, when she was down with pneumonia. After three days stuck in bed, when she found she could finally muster the strength to get up, she spent the next two days glued to her computer and typed out over a hundred pages, but there was something missing and the both she and Talon agreed it needed to push the envelope of romance and give its audience some explicit intimacy. Thus delivery them into the world of writing Erotic Romance. They never looked back, and since that time of August of 2010, together they started thirty-six books, from Ancient Adventures to the Paranormal Romance, from Dark Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy to Happy-ever-after Gay Romance; From BDSM to Sci-fi and everything in between. All containing some hot steamy sex scenes.
While they both had a hand in each, the books, like kids with trading cards {or in their case trading rocks} were divided up with the sense of some books belonging as their own while others were a shared project. In July of 2012, Talon passed away due to an injury he’d sustained in January of 2010 that had been complicated by a hereditary illness he and Prin also shared. Now the remaining 32 books unpublished have been left with Prin along with a promise to complete them.

“I’m about to make you wet”
~ Talon ps
“Have you ever dreamed something so wondrous and frightening, you must wake yourself to write it down?”
~ Princess so

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