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  • Energy - The Awakening on April 04, 2012

    I enjoyed reading Energy it’s a fast paced story that will not leave you bored that’s for sure. There’s always something happening. MJ has a truly unique and fresh story line as well as writing style; it was refreshing to find something different. I truly loved the charters and the Black Panthers I love big cats! This book was easy to follow and I enjoyed every twist and turn of the ongoing adventure. I laughed, cried, and even yelled at my poor Nook at times. I would highly recommend this book to people! Lilian and Brighton Grew up together as teenagers and they are best friends and life is peaceful and great! When start to have feelings towards each other, but before she can do anything about them, A dark strange man comes into town and kidnaps her. Brighton finds himself fighting to be with the girl he loves. But can he save them both from the evil that is coming after them?
  • Drasmyr (Prequel: From the Ashes of Ruin) on June 22, 2012

    This was defiantly different from what I normally read; I really liked reading about the darker side of vampires. The only reason this is not a 5 star is because sometimes it was a bit hard to follow, it would go back and forth between Coragan and Drasymr but the way it was done took a bit to get use to and confused me at first. But once you get used to it then it all falls into place. Coragan is a bounty hunter, that’s always been his dream until he was not hunting bad people anymore it was hurting innocent people so he stopped. Or so he thought anyway, until he was offered a job to a investigate fire. Drasymr is not you every day run of the mill vampire in Ya books. He is a vicious killer that will leave you watching you’re every step. This is a great read if you like horror books.
  • Highlander's Bride on Sep. 07, 2012

    I loved this book it was full of emotion from the hot romance to the action scenes. You really feel for the characters in the book, they want nothing to do with an arranged marriage but they really can’t do anything about it. Katherine is strong willed and stubborn she is one woman who will not go down without a fight! She will do anything to be able to marry a man who loves her with his whole heart. Alexander is an arrogant, rough highland warrior, who’s sexy and doesn’t fear anything. Duty bound to merry Katherine Alexander must also find a way to protect her from a threat neither of them know about. Will they find out in time or will it be too late in the end? The Highlander’s Bride is a wonderful read that will take you back in time to the Highlands of Scotland. This is defiantly a book I will read again and recommend to my friends & readers.
  • Runaway Heart on Nov. 08, 2012

    This was is wonderful book about a young woman coming of age that was pretty much tossed away by her aunt and sent to a boarding school and forgot about. Chelsea is young innocent little minx, who says whatever is on her mind most of the time. Her best friend is Sam, I love the way they tease one another all the time. But who will she chose her best friend or the rogue of a man who was assigned to escort her around? I’m a huge fan of Regency Romance books and I have to say I loved Claudy Conn’s book. The plot flowed nicely together to make a wonderful story. Once I started Runaway Heart I had to finish it. I was done the same day I started. The characters are wonderful and well written. Chelsea is defiantly my favorite. She reminds me of my self sometimes as she does not have a filter and says things she should sometimes keep to herself Hehe. You really fall into the book and time period. I’d recommend you reading it if you haven’t already.