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  • Secrets Kept on Nov. 24, 2013
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    Excerpt From: “Secrets Kept.” J. L. Mbewe. Kael rolled his eyes and turned away. A few yards away a sliver of polished black stone glinted beneath a layer of dead leaves. Above it, large twisted trees stood like sentries guarding the entrance to the Forest of Inganno. Grey mist hovered over the ground and clung to their crumpled bark.It breathed of dark magic and death. Kael looked over his shoulder. Vian stood behind him and stared up at the trees. Vian sucked in his breath. Let’s hope we don’t return horrified and stricken with disease. I was given this book to read and give my honest review. I give this book a 5 star review This book has it all action,adventure, arranged marriages,murder,wicked spells and wicked lands and yes love. The Writer takes you step by step on an adventure. Her details are point on and you can tell she did her homework on this book. I would gladly read for her anytime and I am praying for book two. Take Ayiannas hand and go on this hard and rugged adventure I assure you that you will be glad you did. Will she marry or will she find her own true love with her on kind??? Tell me I really want to know. Can you remember the kind of love she finds in excerpt 2? I can!!!!! Excerpt 2 Ayianna stared into his blue eyes. Chills crawled down her spine and into her toes. His nearness chased away any coherent thought she might have had. Who will marry the one her father chose or the one that catches her eye???? .