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  • Chosen (The Warrior Chronicles, 1) on July 19, 2014

    This was yet another instance where Breene destroyed her own bar, which was already as high as I believed the elevator could go. She tore the roof off of my envisioned skyscraper, and as her bar was already many floors above where most other authors reside, well... To start, there is no way that even reading the synopsis will give you an idea of the journey this story will take you on. As the pages and story line turn, and keep turning as surely as the hands of the clock do, any expectations of where you thought you'd end up (both in the story and the time that disappears while you're reading) will be completely incorrect, so I recommend not having expectations of either the novel or of the bedtime you'll never achieve. The beautifully developed characters are as diverse as the landscape, the plot is as rich and powerful as the wealthiest oil tycoon, and the imaginative descriptives and language use will leave an indelible imprint on the most discriminating reader. Follow the most exciting heroine since Sasha, Breene's last remarkable creation, on a heart wrenching quest through battles both personal and physical, that only hint at the greater war being waged for herself and the characters whose lives and journeys become entwined with her own. As Shanti proves herself to be a new breed of heroic warrior (in more ways than one), the reader will undoubtedly discover within the first chapters that nearly anyone can relate to her on one level or another. The co-stars of the story are all as unique as Shanti, and each individual voice only adds to the depth of heart and plot development, rather than detracting from either. This beautiful tale (even in the ugliness of the reality of some aspects, it is all another layer of beauty) resonates, and truly embodies all that a great story should be. Seriously, stop reading this review and start reading the book!