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  • Betrayal's Shadow on March 24, 2013

    Oh. My. This one was amazing. Since the first page it gave me a bunch of questions I was eager to get answers to. And it got even better. There was constant tightness in the air. New questions and secrets coming out keeps you guessing what truth lies behind all of this. Characters were so likable and intriguing what I've become so close to them like my own flesh and blood. The story was compelling and it really grips you. I've got involved in it so easily and was hungry to read more and more. Once I've finished I am eager to get more of this story. Would definitely love to read sequels. This book was provided from the author in exchange for honest review.
  • Warrior Reborn on April 17, 2013

    I was eager to read what happens next to the characters afer the first book. I have wondered about whom story will tell this time. I had few guesses but I hadn't guess it right. I was pleasantly surprised about it. Now I wonder why I haven't thought about this one character. This book was different than the first one. At first it was more like a romantic story but it got more and more intense with each chapter and eventually I was sitting on the edge of my seat. It was a wonderful sequel for a wonderful first book. It was different, had it's own taste and I liked it a lot. There were new secrets coming out and new dangers to be defeated. But at the same time there were relationships forming and feelings evolving. And all of this was nicely put together creating interesting and involving story. I loved reading this book and meeting all these characters I have grown fond of again. And I want to read more of it. Now I'm guessing what will happen next in the story. This book was provided from the author in exchange for honest review.
  • Destiny's Mark on April 28, 2013

    I was eager to read the next book in the series. This time I also hadn't guessed right about whom this story will be. And again I was pleasantly surprised. I'm still amazed how these three stories in the series are so different and yet so interesting to read. This one involved people having their own fears and dark secrets and dealing with them. Not only the main characters but also all these characters around them. These were inspiring stories to read. I also loved to see how this one Guardians couple come closer to each other, how they help each other to grow and to heal. Besides all that it was intense story with new dangers and it gave a different point of view of Guardian history and life. It told more about some of the characters who weren't in the spotlight in the other books. I loved to meet all these lovable characters again. The story coming to an end I was feeling a little bit sad it is over. But then I've found out it's not! I'm so excited there will be more books in the series. I would love to read them and find out more about all the Guardians and their mates. This book was provided from the author in exchange for honest review.
  • Fall For Me (The Tate Chronicles #1) on May 01, 2013

    Wow. This book was sweet and sad and bittersweet. It simply grabbed my heart. I have easily gotten interested in the characters and the story. There was pretty much everything in it - action, love, dangers, secrets, tears, twists and turns. Also it had some new ideas about the angels. And the cover is amazing and promising a good story. It gives me some kind of bittersweet feeling which makes me want to find out what this book is about. Oh, did I say it grabbed my heart? These characters and stories between them just make me feel a bunch of various feelings. And I want to feel this again. It leaves me egaer to know what will happen in the next book. This book was provided from the author in exchange for honest review.
  • Eternal Eden on June 05, 2013

    This was a wonderful story. It was fun and intense, it even made me laugh sometimes. It was sweet and bittersweet, sometimes it was sad. There was love and feelings, there were dangers, action and tension. This story easily took place in my heart and I loved it from the first page to the last. I enjoyed my read and I'm eager to know the rest of the story.
  • Scapemaker on Dec. 22, 2013

    It is enjoyable and interesting story with action, surprises, secrets and villains, with tense and fun moments. It hold my attention and kept me reading further. It tells about a boy being introduced to a whole new world of imagination. There‘s quite amazing world created in here with a lot of details, history, rules, scenery, various characters with various abilities. I can‘t remember reading any book with such a world. Well, it reminds me of „The Neverending Story“ by Michael Ende in some details and in being a story about a world of imagination. But that‘s just a little bit. There‘s a lot of unique details in here. Main character, Matthew, is one I rarely find in books. He‘s not one of the characters full of good qualities. He stands out by being, well, I would say stubborn. In a sense he seems to be thinking more about himself than about others (egotistical, as says one of the characters in the book). He breaks the rules. He has his own opinion and seems to be holding it no matter what. He seems to be „I know it all and I know it better“ guy. But at the same time he is friendly, courageous, he cares about his own family, he sets the goal and goes for it no matter what the obstacles are. This stubbornness sometimes gets annoying for me, but that‘s a good combination for a story. If one dares to behave outside the rules, adventures happen. Sometimes bad things do. But that‘s part of an adventure too. And that makes interesting things happen in the story. Well, there‘s one small weakness. Usually this story is easy to read, but sometimes it gets a little bit rough. It‘s mostly a feeling for me, but I‘ll try to explain what I have in mind. It‘s just a sense that some sentences seem to be put in too straighforward way. Like there‘s separate sentences saying who said what, did what, but together they don‘t make a story as a whole. That was mostly in the beginning, and not that much further in the story. That‘s a minor thing, and it doesn‘t make story less interesting. Just sometimes it makes reading not as fluid as it usually is. Nonetheless, I‘m interested to read what happens next. Whole story and the ending are promising a whole lot more adventures coming. I was given this book in exchange for honest review (Lovers of Paranormal group and the author).
  • Roc (A Histories of Purga Novel) on March 01, 2014

    One more part of a legend. One more part of adventures, battles and becoming heroes. One more part of amazing story. It hold me pretty soon again. It brought even more intensive action, dangers, secrets and surprises. It's darker than the first one, more desperate, and brought further into the world encountering the threat of destruction and people figting against it. I loved to read about the characters I've grown fond of, to get to know some new ones and to know better some old ones. I was excited to see how some of them meet each other and anxious to see some of them part. I enjoyed to read how they get in to the complicated situations and how they deal with it, how they deal with their inner battles and the battles on the outside world. I felt sadness, hope, joy, excitment, anxiety, anger and a lot more along with them. This book was very emotional for me. Sometimes it was so intense that I was afraid to read further and had to stop. But I couldn't stay away for a long time not knowing what happens next so pretty soon I would start reading and eagerly turning pages again. Awesome story. I'm excited to see what surprises and events would bring the book three. I was given this book in exchange for a honest review (David Estes Fans and YA Book Lovers Unite! group and the author).
  • Immagica on Aug. 27, 2014

    I've loved books of K. A. Last I've already read, and I was eager to read this new one. From the first page I've found lively characters, who easily became real and alive to me. They made me curious to know more about them and their lives, what led them to this moment and what would happen to them now.  It was very easy to read. Story flowed like a stream of words. I was enjoying it. I enjoyed reading about the adventure of Rosaline, about her meeting new characters, dealing with challenges, getting to know more about the secrets of her family and the world of Immagica. I liked to see how she grows through her journey. As story went on tension builded up, and I was hurrying through the pages anxious to see what's next, what obstacles and dangers characters would have to face, how it would go. And when story got very tense, I was fidgeting in my seat. I liked the world pictured in here. I enjoyed the idea of Immagica and adventures you can have in there. Actually, I would love to have one myself. This world reminded me a bit of The Neverending Story. After reading Immagica I think I should read that book again and all the other books mentioned in here. I'm always fascinated by the author's imagination and ability to create a new world.  Now, when this story is finished, I'm eager to know more about the future of the characters, more about their adventures yet to come. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal).
  • The Beginning: A Guarding the Vila Novelette on March 15, 2015

    It was interesting, vivid and easy to read. It was unique take on the Red Riding Hood story. There was pictured nice scenery from the first sentences. The story started as an ordinary day of a young woman in small village in 1697 France, and then event after event it got tense and dangerous, and the life of that woman was turned upside down. I cared about the main character Scarlett, and I was intrigued by the mysterious things happening. I'm curious to know what will happen and what secrets would be revealed in the next story. P. S. At first I was confused about the cover, but when I finished reading, I had that moment of 'Oh, that's what it was about'. I liked this. I received this book in exchange for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal)