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I am an Australian Author ... look out for my Fiction book being released later in 2014.
A psychological/political Thriller.

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  • Heart of Glass on July 18, 2010

    Author L A Dale has captured this reader with her wonderful ability to involve you emotionally in the outcome of a love story that spanned almost a decade. Bella Stone is a character we can all identify with, a warm, funny and endearing young woman, with all the dreams and aspirations of Ms everywoman. The authors ability to make Bella real enough to cry for is marvelous. ChicLit?...unashamedly, Romance?... definitely. Put down able...not a's addictive page turning fiction. I am delighted to own my copy, now excuse me...back to "Heart Of Glass."
  • Color Me Grey: Book One of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles on July 23, 2010

    Author J C Phelphs has created a marvelously fast-paced adventure with the petite MC Alexis Stanton a package of 5'4" dynamite, with long straight hair and a serious attitude if you cross her. Alexis has a very interesting background including special services training{Private yet}. A wealthy and connected family, with an Admiral for a daddy. Alexis has to draw her own conclusions on just what it is daddy does for the government. Her inherited sense of adventure send her on an interview for a most unusual position. This is an unusual book, written for a market tired of adventures that only include the undead and people with a nasty overbite. It moves fast, the characterizations are clever yet believable, and the adventure is full on. I look forward to reading the other books in this series. I have no hesitation in recommending this for a fast paced read.
  • Demons and Other Inconveniences on July 24, 2010

    As dark as it gets with humor to match. This is a collection of horror humour interwoven with the things that go bump in our imaginations. Dan Dillard has crafted each piece with a masters hand. Don't read at night if you are alone, the sound of your own breathing can do frightening things. I recommend this and Dan Dillards other works without hesitation.
  • Whirl of the Wheel on Oct. 06, 2010

    "The musty smell of wood and chalk dust hit Connie’s nostrils. She fell forward onto a sloped wooden desk, knocking hard into her funny bone. ‘What on earth . . ?’ exclaimed Charlie-Mouse, his voice echoing around the empty room. He slid off the back wall and into a seat behind her, scraping hard at her combats. But she didn’t move a muscle. She couldn’t – even though her elbow ached madly and she wanted to shake away the pain ricocheting through her body. Neither could she make a sound  her mouth was sealed tight and her tongue glued to the back of her teeth. She moved only her eyes. Hanging portraits of kings, queens and prime ministers glowered back. The background scream of the overhead gas lighting, the whipping of the wind and the shrieks from outside added their challenges to her senses. Stay calm, breathe, and relax. Everything’s fine. Someone came into the room. Startled, she nodded and smiled politely, clicking her heels in perfect time across the polished floor. The outside noise built to crescendo as the lady opened the door and blew sharply on her whistle. At once the shrieks fell and the playing children – with small boxes dutifully strung across their bodies – hurried into line. ‘Be quick about it,’ the lady instructed. The room filled – they moved along the lines of desks – shoes plain and practical, laced and buttoned, and polished in black or brown. Two to a bench seat – their backs a combination of coloured cardigans, pinafores, pullovers, shirts and tanktops." ***An excerpt from this lovely book, children and the young at heart will all enjoy the tale. A mini history lesson easy to digest and the adventures a three delightful characters suddenly caught in a time and place unfamiliar and frightening. Author Catherine Condie is to be applauded, she has researched her book well, and anyone reading can be safe in the knowledge that her portrayal of War ravaged 1940's England and the evacuation of it's young people is accurate. The three central characters are a delightful cross patch with the volatile Connie, her brother Charlie-Mouse and the much misunderstood nasty character of Malcolm all coming to grips in a world they have no way of being prepared for. Magic, time travel and adventure all entwined in a clever fast-paced and most enjoyable book. A five star book to be sure.
  • 33 Days: Touring In A Van. Sleeping On Floors. Chasing A Dream on March 21, 2011

    We all have dreams. Some of us pursue them, relentlessly, and often to the detriment of anyone or anything that gets in our way. Some of us say, “It’s all too hard” and then spend the rest of our damned lives wondering...” What if?” This is about four amazing human beings that chased their dream. Without causing damage to anyone else on the journey…at least not with intent. In 1987, four young men shared a common dream. They hungered for that bright shining star in their sky, and they had the guts to go in search of it. They didn’t understand on the day they left L.A just how deeply committed they would need to be to the music and each other. The 33 days of their journey altered their lives forever. Bill See the author kept a journal of those 33 days that changed the lives of he and his friends. I am so glad that he did, for had he not; I may have never had the delight of taking that trip with him, here and now in 2011. For such is the quality of this Author’s work that you can’t be anywhere else, you are there, in the van, on the road, meeting sleazebags, saints, and sinners in all the wrong places at all the right times. Meet the band members of Divine Weeks: Bill See: The author of this book and the singer with the band it all begins with Bill; he was 22 years old and hungered after a dream. Not to be super famous, not to live a life of "sex drugs and rock’n roll", that’s not what this was about. He believed that it would be for the good of all and not merely about the dreams of one. His dysfunctional early life had him searching for a pristine moment of clarity, a moment when all the pain and the insecurity would merge and become a musical voice, a musical voice of honesty, a musical voice of integrity. The music and the making of it, the memory, the chance to do it and get it right! How many of us wish we had the balls to go for it and make it happen? I smell the back of the van after days on the road, no windows, no air, all fodder for memories he recounts that will make you laugh out loud just before your eyes fill with tears and you catch yourself nodding in agreement and understanding. Bill See is a fine author; he brings the pages alive and makes you belong for the duration of the journey... you share it from the inside. Meet Raj: The lead guitarist. A young man raised in the belief that family and tradition were all there was. Raised to believe that seeking an individual dream was somehow betraying what and who you were. Of the four band members, Raj’s and Bill's stories touched me deeply; they struggled with the yearning to make it as a part of this thing, this music, and this band. They fought against everything they had been taught to believe; to just once…just once; step outside the family and their demands and go for the dream. The moments of reflection into their individual personas show just how very close the band members became. They were brothers, unasked, and unrelentingly... brothers all. Meet George: The Bass Player. Larger than life and twice as funny…ultimately belonging to the band allowed him to move beyond his preplanned and preordained life. Meet Dave: The drummer Dave is a street smart survivor, with a huge heart and the gift of the gab. He has the ability to keep the guys centred when this road trip hits the dark edges. Meet Ian: The Road Manager...The only non band member on the tour…The doer of all things miraculous, Ian’s steady hand, and calm demeanor helped keep the dream on track. I read this book way ahead of schedule. Naively thinking I could pick it up and put it down over a period of time. Wrong! I began reading and the sunrise startled me into finding I had read all of it throughout the night and had lost myself in its pages. Do yourselves a favor folks, if you only read one non-fiction book this year make it this one. I am left with a knowing smile on my face and the realization that I have just shared in something quite wonderful. A couple of quotes from the book. "This book is for everyone who’s stood at their crossroads with a dream screaming inside wondering whether to choose the road that goes off the map or fold up their tent and head back home. " “It’s not about the having and getting, it’s about the being and becoming...we’re artists, wounded birds…descending, ascending…always chasing the muse."
  • Dusan on May 10, 2011

    Don’t begin reading this book if you intend to put it down and pick it up later. I will bet that you will find it as impossible as I did to do that. Author Poppet takes you gently and then propels you into a journey: not merely a reading experience. The rich characterizations of Dusan, Ashur, Gregori and the beautiful Aine held me captive. The ever present flicker of humor tantalizing and adding to even the bloodiest of encounters. Dusan…Who or what is he? He takes souls from his conquests with a touch of his lips…souls that were unhappy in life find joy in his protection. To say too much would spoil this for you and it is far to good a read to do that. Take the journey with Dusan. Author Poppet has crafted a tapestry here. Rich in description and the ever present understanding nudge and wink at human nature in all its tarnished ugliness. The pacing is fast, relentlessly so, I found myself holding my breath as I read, only to release it thankfully when scenes allowed me to. This is not horror, nor is it fantasy is is a marvelous blend of genres, taking you into each beautifully woven scene and showing you the depths of despair and the crushing futility of love. Has Dusan met his Nemesis in his beloved Aine? And what of Gregori? The Phoenician priest, why does he hunt Dusan so relentlessly? What possible interest could he have in the Human Aine? She is on his hit list! But why? I can say little more without spoiling this book. Suffice it to say that I am delighted to own a copy, and unhesitant in recommending it to people who enjoy excellent writing, and a fast paced story layered with intrigue, humor and passion..
  • Acid Jazz Singer (Hunger Hurts) on Sep. 06, 2011

    Finally a book that doesn’t resort to cliché driven characterizations. Author Nya Rawlyns has taken the vamp genre and with superb plotting and a pen dipped in an adventurous readers soul she has crafted a tapestry as bloody as it is moody. The narrator Travis is utterly believable irrespective of the functions of his body … Travis is a cold killer, a complex and totally enjoyable character to get to know. Trust me … know him you will, his emotions are held in check, but never completely hidden. The author has given him a heart and soul, a pulse rate, needs, desires, and lusts that refuse to stay hidden. Travis is a character that will stay in the mind of the reader, long after “The End” appears on the final page. We care about this man…in all his forms. I will not spoil the ending for the readers . The book crosses so many genres…it is a Vamp story….yes indeed, yet one the likes of which I haven’t had the pleasure of reading before. It is a love story..a love that is as real and complex as any you will encounter. How does someone like Travis deal with loving a being that is both male and female? The psychological implications are so well thought out, that you the reader are captured by the passions and confusing eruption of lust, and brought to tears by the unrelenting tenderness of the love Travis has for Ray/Raylee. The action sequences are superb, fast pacing, and relentlessly good descriptive sequences have you holding your breath in anticipation, and then sighing as you exhale…expect the unexpected, you won’t be disappointed. All in all a superb reading experience. I am looking forward eagerly to more of the books in this brand new series. Bravo, Nya Rawlyns!
  • Diary of a Small Fish on Sep. 28, 2011

    Author, Peter B Morin has written an outstanding debut novel. Irrespective of your nationality or familiarity with the laws of the United States of America, this author writes in such a way that it is clearly understood. His professionalism is clear in every wonderful court sequence. The character of Paul Forte is such that you just cannot help liking the guy. His wicked humor, ability to laugh at himself and his touch of innocence in a non-innocent environment has you caring what the hell happens to the him. Hell erupting into this guy’s life is pretty much what happens. He has an addiction that is not fatal, but it is an addiction; albeit one that most folks seem to understand…what is it? Golf …he has a handicap to die for on the best golf courses the U S of A has to offer. Hyannisport anyone? Paul Forte is being hunted; he may be a small fish, but a sufficiently interesting fish to be subpoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury. Assistant U.S Attorney Bernard ( don’t ever call him Bernie) Kilroy has his sights set on the coveted position of Attorney General of The United States of America…he wants exposure, he will do anything he has to do to get it. Is he also motivated by something far less altruistic? The author allows us to smell the set up, yet this is not a predictable story, far from it. This fast paced and clever work takes you to the most unexpected places… The character of Paul Forte is not one dimensional.. He is capable of deep and abiding loyalty, his heart is able to be broken, and his love is yearning to be earned. We share with him his abiding love for his father, his relentless loyalty to friends he believes in, and his sudden and unexpected love for a woman that completes his life. Meet Shannon, a beautiful, quirky, lovable, odd ball. A complex woman; a character crafted with skill and a depth of understanding into unresolved guilt that is moving and right on the money. The technical aspects of the trial are beautifully handled. The dialogue is rich and often darkly funny. The willingness of good people to do what is right in a bad situation is attacked, and… I will not spoil this for you. It is a damned fine read, fast paced, and at times intensely moving. A fine debut novel indeed. I look forward to reading much more from this author.
  • Highland King on Dec. 07, 2011

    Jeff Blackmere has written a marvelous tale combining equal parts myth, legend, history and imagination presenting the reader with a thrilling and moving sequel to Draegnstoen. The waring factions in the Royal families of 5th century Scotland and Northern England have torn the country in parts for generations. Greed and lust for power has murder as it’s constant companion. This is more than a book of bloodied heroes and villains. It is a book of forceful and quite wonderfully graphic descriptions and you the reader are right there experiencing the fearsome sounds and scents of bloody and ferocious battle. Doncann is the man destined to become The Highland King. Doncann is banished as a child and wrongly blamed for the death of his cousin to gain ascension to the throne of…his grandfather. Doncann is raised as a Cruthnie of Maetae and he begins the long journey to gain his rightful place as the King that will unite the lands and bring an end to bloodshed. He is trained in the art of swordsmanship and battle techniques by the shadow goddess Scathach, Patron of The Cruithni. Doncann doubts his heritage, but stands firm in his desire to understand the legend and accept the responsibility of the throne he was born to sit. Author Blackmere has woven a tale of loyalty and betrayal, of deep seated hate and abiding timeless love. In a time when woman stood and fought alongside the men in the fierceness of battle and died a dreadful and bloody death. The characterizations are rich, the dialogues is perfect and the names given historically accurate. The depth of emotion of the central characters adds a warmth and dimension to this work, making it far more than just Historical Fiction, it has layers of splendid imagery, with battle scenes that are memorable and crafted well, a love story that spans a generation and dialogue that plays gently on the ear of the reader. I enjoyed this reading experience immensely and came back to reality with a jolt and the satisfaction of having read a book that took me to a different time and a different place. That in my view makes this an absolute must read.
  • Beyond Nostalgia on Dec. 12, 2011

    How do you read a book like this? How do you find the time to be alone and comfortable to take a journey into the recent past? Please do yourselves a favor ... make that time and find that place and settle back ready for the trip. Author Tom Winton leads you to the streets of a different New York city. A New York set in the early days of Bob Dylan and West Side Story combined. A New York bursting at the seams with a revolution brewing on its streets. Into that time and place the author introduces you to the young lovers. Two complex and likeable young people that fall desperately irrevocably in love. A love with all the passion, lust, need, and longing of any two people who find and recognize their soul-mate. The reader wants them to be together, you agonize over what you feel may be coming...hoping that they can avoid the pitfalls of any intense relationship and remain together. The author makes you care about their love. You are with them, he allows you to see them, hear them, and feel for them. The devastation that awaits their new love is as gutwrenching as it is unexpected. Two decades pass, and here they are again, looking at one another and it too late? Is it possible to forgive and move on? I will not spoil this for you. Suffice it to say that this wonderful author has you gripped firmly in his talented hands, and you are grateful for his talent. A stunning debut novel, from Tom Winton. Remember the name folks, you will be hearing it...and often.
  • In The Garden Of Stones on Nov. 01, 2014

    My Review. Lucy Pepperdine … Author of ‘In the Garden of Stones.’An author I will seek out again and again. If you are seeking a book that will imbed itself into your memory, a powerful, inspiring, memorable, painful yet often funny emotional roller-coaster of a book … this is it. The author has taken me on a journey with her words, a journey that was at times exhausting because it is brutally honest. The empathy that shines through this work, that connection the author has with Gracie and Colin her pivotal characters reads at times like non-fiction, the shattering expression of mental illness and its devastating effect on all those touched by it is not sugar coated. Yet throughout the book a message of hope shines through. I found myself invested in the characters well being, I laughed with them, cried for them and cheered them on in their quest to make sense of a senseless world. The interaction of others is integral to the book, there are no superfluous characters. Author Lucy Pepperdine has not merely written words on pages … she has opened a window into a half-life that so many people merely exist in. A life where all that is craved is a safe place to be. The author crafts that place with integrity, allowing the reader to become a part of that world, permitting us to visit without judgment. This book hits at gut-level. I will not forget it.