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  • Call of Descent on April 15, 2015

    A brilliant story following Reniko's accidental coming to Vespen and her subsequent endeavours to return home. In the journey she befriends a unicorn, an elf and some other very interesting characters. A great blend of fantasy and science fiction. I'm reading it now for the second time after first reading it some time ago and thought it was time to put a review up! For those who are concerned about the errors mentioned by other reviews, the newer version now on the Smashword site has been edited significantly to remove typos and grammatical errors.
  • Iron - (Book 1 of the Kalima Chronicles) on July 14, 2015

    In this fabulous first book on the new Kalima series, Aiki Flinthart has brought us to a new world, Kalima, settled several hundred years ago by humans wanting to leave behind the troubles they believed to be brought by religion. Various Jundoms have been established throughout the land that the settlers’ descendants inhabit with peace reigning pretty much throughout. Unlike Earth, however, Kalima has very little by way of iron reserves and so, although many years in our future, their lifestyles are more like those in times of medieval times with limited technology. For as yet unexplained reasons, dormant genes in some of the descendants of the settlers have been awakened gifting them with different abilities. Some, the xintou, are able to touch others’ minds and, the healers, are able to help people heal beyond normal ability. Most people are not gifted in these ways but those who are receive teaching in Houses that help them develop their gifts. In the book “Iron” we meet Alere, a young woman brought up in the Xintou House but without the abilities of a xintou, who has just reached her equivalent of graduation. Her first task outside the Xintou House is to serve in the house of the Jun First, Alan, who doesn’t survive long after her arrival. Accused of murdering him, Alere flees and this is where her fabulous adventure really begins. The story takes us along the path of Alere finding out her true origins and abilities, growing into a heroic young woman and working to save the Jundom from all-out war. Departing from a teenage/young adult audience, Aiki demonstrates a strong ability to write gripping adult fiction that blends mild science-fiction with the feel of Arthurian legend and touches of romance. Beautifully written, with rich, well developed characters, “Iron” marks the beginning of what promises to be an excellent new series by the author of the 80A.D. series of books.