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  • Crushed on April 06, 2012

    I had a hard time with Crushed. You know those made-for-TV movies that start out with a nasty girl as the main character, but after she's dared into spending time with this one guy she stops being nasty and becomes a better person? Well, this was kinda like that. Right off the bat, we're given a character who has willingly enslaved at least three boys. Not because she really needed him to do anything, but because she and her sisters wanted to see which one of them could do it best. And I'm supposed to feel badly for her because...? Well, she's a Straight-A Student, and she's never had a date, and...she's not near as bad as Brittany. I'm sorry, but the whole *enslaving her peers for fun* thing hasn't been balanced out yet. Not even close. Overall, I was disappointed with Crushed. I thought the story concept was interesting, the mystery surrounding the villain was engaging, but the main characters and writing left me wanting to get it over with. Sex, language, and violence are negligible, so I'd say it's appropriate for the middle-school crowd as well as high-schoolers. While Crushed and I had our differences, I think it could make an enjoyable read for those who like YA Paranormal-Romance, but are tired of the vampires and werewolves ruling the scene. [Read my full review at The Wolf's Den (]