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Smashwords book reviews by SweetCaroline

  • The Book of Deacon on June 02, 2011

    From a reader's standpoint, I liked the book. The characters caught me up and I moved easily with them. I could imagine Myranda, Lain, Deacon and the others easily. There were enough details to stand them up and as the reader, I got to "dress" them, one of reading's great pleasures if done well. The author does this well. Another reviewer noted that hygiene was not a high point. Hygiene descriptions generally do not move the story forward so I didn't miss them. That's just my opinion. I appreciated the classifications of the magic into various elements and levels. Yes, crystals and wands and staffs have all been used before. The means of magic in a story are less important than the ends. From an editor's standpoint, things are a little more troubled. I was reading the Kindle edition, which lacked chapter titles entirely, so I felt a little whiplashed when the character point-of-view changed. I was disappointed with the continual misuse of the word "alter" instead of "altar" I understood what was MEANT - that's not the point. Please stop relying on your spell-checker and grammar checker to copy-edit your manuscript! A misused word is the reading equivalent of a brick wall across a highway. I will be buying the next two books in the series; I expect a good story will trump whatever editing problems may still appear. (I am NOT a friend of the author.)