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  • Historical Lovecraft: Tales of Horror Through Time on June 06, 2011

    Where history's mysteries lay gaping open, there 'Historical Lovecraft' goes, seeing to fill in the holes in time and human knowledge with eldritch horror and terrors from beyond the stars. At least that's what a good portion of the short stories contained within the book admit to using as their inspiration, which is fine by me. As someone who enjoys history and the unexplained, as well as someone who digs H.P. Lovecraft I was very happy with the answers the stories in this anthology had to offer. When I finished this book ( I was dreading finishing it, just because I was enjoying it that much), I vowed to reread it, and soon. I was going to let my spouse read it but he may have to wait while I devour the book again. My personal faves were 'Black Hill,' an interesting take on an oil operation, 'Deus Ex Machina,' especially as an ex theatre geek, 'Shadows of the Deepest Jade,'...honestly, there wasn't a story that I didn't enjoy, though there were ones I definitely preferred over others. Innsmouth Free Press did a great job picking a wide array of subject matters and time periods. I thought the Modern Era stories would be less interesting but 'Black Hill' is honestly one of my favorites and happens within the last 200 years. Cultures, religions and governments are all fair game and rattled by not only Cthulhu but shoggoths, The Old Ones, Nyarlathotep, The Deep Ones, all answering the questions put forward by the stories. If you are only interested in stories told in the same voice of HP Lovecraft this is probably not the book for you. However, if you can appreciate that fear is eternal and calls out in a variety of voices, as well as have a thing for the ideas that Lovecraft put forth? You need to check this book out.