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  • Friends Share on July 15, 2012

    It isn't often that I have come across sexually explicit fiction written by a woman that reveals female interest in a fantasy shared by a number of men who were hung up on one of their friend's girlfriends: a desire to have that friend share the woman with them. Autumn Seave has written an ebook called FRIENDS SHARE that presents that fantasy from the point of view of a committed couple who invite three friends to participate in answering her desire to be shared among them, and to fill both her pussy and her ass with cock at the same time. Many who read the tale with pleasure will regret that they could not have been among the men lucky enough to have have experienced the joy with which the five people in the story demonstrated that Friends Share. Wish I had such friends... TOM SPANKS
  • Car Trouble on July 17, 2012

    Only the night before Autumn Seave introduced me to a woman who had a naughty desire to be shared by her boyfriend's three friends in "FRIENDS SHARE!" and left me feeling very deprived because I never had a friend who would share such a gift with me. Then, tonight, on a lonely road a tired, hard working mechanic stops to aid a beautiful young college student who is having "CAR-TROUBLE." He offers to have a look under her hood, an offer she is quick to accept, but no quicker than he is to get "her motor running." Between the rich college girl in her '69 Jag and Jesse, the cute young slut wife of his boss at the garage, who cock teases him on a daily basis, the mechanic has what can only be described as a "wet-dream" summer that culminates one night when he goes to meet the college chick at their secret place only to find that she has brought a friend, whose pussy she is busy eating when he walks in,that turns out to be Jesse. Jesse gets her pussy worked over thoroughly, the Jag girl gets her tight butt fucked harder and longer than ever, and the mechanic gets the kind of an experience that most every man wishes he had at least once in his life. TOM SPANKS ––