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A.H. Literature is my swansong. My last, best, effort at doing something meaningful. Providing quality literature. Stories I have poured all of my heart and soul into, not from sheer effort, but simply because I know no other way.

What does it stand for? It's my frustration, my complacency, my drive, my woe and shame. It stands for everything I have left in me, torn from my body and splashed onto the page/ canvas/ what have you. That does nothing to explain the initial-ism- the "A.H." of it all- but why explain it?

It means nothing- there, I said it. Nothing... to you anyway. In short... try and guess.

Welcome to the home of A.H. Literature.

May you find a world to call your own.

Smashwords Interview

"It seems that between s&s and Ash Black, you have two totally different worlds running parallel in your mind. How do you keep them separate, and how do you master two subjects that are barely on the same branch of the novel spectrum!" -Matraca L.
Well, it's actually something like 5+ worlds coexisting in my mind, and I guess that works into the point a bit. Every story I have- and ever will- think of has its own partition, like a computer with multiple hard drives.

I'll use those two as an example. Ash Black is in one box, and s&s is in another. I can open either box whenever I please, and for one reason or another they never get jumbled. I never make the mistake of thinking a character or event is in a story that it is not, and I can only theorize as it comes to the "why" of it all.

As for mastering them, a lot of the story substance comes from the "feel." Along with my notes, the feel of it may also help keep everything separate as well. Any time I think of one of the stories I'm working on, I immediately feel the course it follows, its subject matter, the main character's personality, the overall tone- just about everything.

Any time I think of s&s, the feeling is something like a frigid and tentative (or cynical) kind of hope.

So far, Ash Black feels like a frantic and optimistic search for something you never even had (like waking up from a dream where you had all the answers, just to find out they were all false.) Or even a gun-ho feeling that if you hit something hard (and enough times)you just may fix it. That one is still a bit fluid though.

I'm afraid that is the best I can do at the moment. I would like to try answering this same question in a few years, once I have more experience and can understand my own process a bit more. Thanks for the question!
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The Port and The Storm
Series: ASH BLACK. You set the price! Words: 14,230. Language: English. Published: March 8, 2014. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
Once upon a time, there was a tiny port town. Encounters herein are rarely chance. Simple trinkets rarely so trivial. And suspicious benefactors always closer (to the root of the problem) than they appear.
Suicide&Serendipity (Volume One)
Series: Suicide&Serendipity. You set the price! Words: 156,600. Language: English. Published: August 4, 2013. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Erii has only ever made one, truly, irrevocable mistake in his life. This mistake has led to the deaths of loved ones, his undeserved imprisonment, and unspeakable treatment. “All in the name of science,” they would say. Truth be told, the mistake was- arguably- not even his to make.

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