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  • The Mating (The original Law of the Lycans story) on Sep. 22, 2012

    Not bad for a freebie but I didn't find it particularly romantic or suspenseful. Main characters were on the bland side and the plot became very predictable. I see this book as appealing more to YA readers.
  • Gringa - In the Clutches of a Drug Lord Book 1 on Oct. 23, 2012

    * Condensed/edited version of 12-Sept-2012 Amazon review (prior to the author revising the original "cutesy" warning) FIRST: This particular segment of GRINGA is not a romance; there is no sex, no seduction in any form but RAPE. AND MORE RAPE. CONTINUAL RAPE. Yes, I used caps. Why? Because I want potential buyers to know this upfront. While I firmly believe people can read whatever they wish, that choice should be based on truth, not deception. The author should have been as honest about the repeated rapes as she was about the violence. (And no, not because I have anything against rape in books; I just wasn't prepared to read about it in this book.) SECOND: This is not part of a series; IT'S A SERIAL. An author should know, so I won't waste my time explaining the difference. More important is that "Book 1" is the equivalent of a ripped-out section of a paperback. Why bother if you don't have the rest? THIRD: The original formatting was insultingly atrocious, even as a freebie. Someone recently alerted me to a revised version so out of curiosity (or would it be masochism at this point?), I downloaded and skimmed this "professional [sic] edited" file. Um, no. I don't think so. "Remove from Device" (again). The truly sad thing about this mess? Crap formatting, grammar and punctuation (and I mean to the point that I had to pause and mentally construct some sentences to get the gist) and misleading blurb aside, the storyline concept was good and had such potential! In fact, the beginning was creatively attention-grabbing and the first half was not bad. Everything surrounding this "book" casts a very large, very black mark against self-published authors in general. Which is unfortunate for those authors who endeavor to write their best, and then struggle some more to convert their work into a clean and proper ebook prior to sale.
  • The Druid Series 1: Reapers on Oct. 23, 2012

    Definitely instances of rape in this book, but oddly enough, I didn't even think about REAPERS as being "rape erotica" or "rape fantasy" when I was reading it. As played out in the book, I saw the first rape more as a plot device (damsels in distress; cue male lead(s) to come to the rescue)—an anti-meet cute, if you will. (The second rape "under thrall" was completely gratuitous.) Moreover, the actual rape scenes were relatively brief and fairly light. (The first rape? I wouldn't have thought so if not expressly stated in the book.) Can't recall the title right now, but I've read a more brutal/explicit scene in a mystery/thriller by a mainstream author. Having said that, I got REAPERS from my Secret Book Claus(e) on Oct 13th. My eyebrows rose at the book's description on but trooper that I am, I stayed in the spirit of the giving and read this in one sitting. However, this novelette is only for those readers who are not put off by non-PC subject matters (such as rape/attempted rape). Surprisingly, this little slice of a story wasn't too bad. I can't comment on its creative arc because it was simply too short for any significant plot development, but it was fairly well-written and showed talent. Unfortunately, it was marred by odd paragraph structuring and numerous errors in basic grammar/punctuation, word usage and malapropisms. (And there was my personal pet peeve of blank lines in between paragraphs = useless space filler and Kindle abuse.) Despite my enjoyment of the story, my inner smut will have to sulk because I will not buy the remaining segments of the Druid Breeders. Part 1 was a nice tease but not enough for me to bite, for the following reasons: (1) I generally dislike serials. Unless it's a comic book, I prefer to start a story and read straight to the end. As I mentioned in a different review, reading any part of a serial is the equivalent of reading a ripped-out section of a paperback. Why bother to even start if you don't have or won't read the rest? Doesn't matter that this serial appears to be finished so that I don't need to wait for the remaining sections. (2) Given the number of technical errors and plot inconsistencies in Part 1, I wonder how many more there would be in the other 6 segments. (3) The kicker? Total cost for the entire story is $21 [$8 for Vol 1 (Parts 1-3 @ 206pgs, tho GR listing=155pgs), $9 for Vol 2 (Parts 4-6 @ 230 pgs), and $4 for Part 7 (@ 116pgs)]. Seriously? Um, I don't think so. I have another reason for not continuing on with this series but it's not directly relevant to the book.
  • To The Bone on Nov. 05, 2012

    TO THE BONE is a classic example of detective fiction using the inverted story format. The crimes and the villain's identity are revealed early in the story, letting the reader focus more on learning about Gavin English and the how/why behind the gruesome acts. (Note: Although not explicitly graphic, this story involves cannibalism so there are moments which could be stomach-churning for some readers. So know your limits and proceed with caution.) A former-cop-turned-private-investigator, English is drifting along in the river of life. He's got a complicated relationship with his ex-wife and his two closest buddies are his ex-partner from the police force and a high school chum working in the porn film industry. He smokes and drinks too much, eats too little and is far too familiar with the local strip club. But this anti-hero is not so cynical that he is incapable of horror once he realizes what his latest job involves. And the author leaves a clue here and there to show that a measure of optimism survives beneath English's jaded exterior. Written in the first person, TO THE BONE takes the reader into English's head as he works to prevent another tragedy. Given some of his antics, sometimes that's not a good thing. (*lol*) But again, he's an anti-hero and for this first book, much of his background remains a mystery. It will be interesting to see how his character develops in subsequent books, as well as whether or not his sidekicks return for another Gavin English investigation. [As an aside, the book's formatting bothered me. Silly, but I personally dislike blank lines in between paragraphs, seeing it as space filler = Kindle abuse.] * Copy was provided by the author.
  • Maid for It (A Maids for It Novella) on Nov. 05, 2012

    MAID FOR IT is one of the smartest read that I've had in a while and one of the few which manages to portray the start of a BDSM relationship (specifically, master/slave) in a realistic manner. I highly recommend this novella to anyone who is curious about this genre but prefer to dip their toes in rather than plunge straight into the deep end. (Psst! It's still free on Amazon as of this review's posting.) Why it's a smart read: Incredibly well-written, MAID FOR IT follows the budding relationship over the course of several months. It's definitely erotica but die-hard erotica readers (especially of BDSM) may deem the sexual encounters as on the light side. However, I found MAID FOR IT more interesting for its basic psychological insights into a sexually inexperienced female who is also completely ignorant of BDSM. (Thankfully, the female protag is mostly a determined realist, not a weak-kneed damsel in distress.) Now, I'm not saying that it's worthy of Psychology Today, just that it's approachable for the everyday reader. And BDSM is as much about the psychological and emotional needs of the individuals involved as it can be about physical pleasure (or pain). Written in the first person, the reader is able to follow Gabi's slow progression from "Madre de Dios, what kind of monster have I given myself to?" to "Perhaps he's not really changing me at all but simply showing who I always was" to "Rather than feeling trapped by his demands, I'm freed by the certainty and security they provide". The conclusion feels right and is believable because the ultimate decision is left to Gabi and she can finally make a decision based on free will. Upon first meeting Gabi, Ben lays out his basic ground rules and then tests her acceptance of them. But when he realizes just how inexperienced she is, he immediately questions how she could even know that she was a submissive. The fact that weeks then pass before a substantive BDSM encounter occurs is more like real life. No self-respecting Dom would throw such a person straight into hard-core BDSM scenes, no matter how much he "senses" the submissive in her. (Yes, it's a fictional story but it's bad fiction when its credibility extends beyond a reasonable suspension of disbelief.) Why the plot works: Taken as a whole, the storyline seems far-fetched. But each separate plot point is based in reality. Innocent people sometimes do witness criminal acts which place their lives in jeopardy. Every day, women are coerced or abducted into the sex trade. Men do pay to have their sexual desires met. BDSM is a much larger community than most people realize, simply because those in the lifestyle usually don't flaunt it. My biggest complaint? The ending felt incomplete/premature. Perhaps Ms. Rodgers would consider re-visiting Gabi and Ben in a future book. Also, I would've liked to have had some of Ben's POV, instead of inferring from his actions. But then again, POV switches may have detracted from Gabi's progress as she comes to understand Ben and her perceptions change, even if her original circumstances don't. Lastly, there were some editing errors but not beyond the "we're all human" range, and I did question certain plot points but none were major enough to tank the book for me. (The author is more than welcomed to PM me if curious about these items.) Well-written, thoughtful and sexy, with sympathetic characters and a tangible romance. All from a new author who deserves to be read and followed. Well done, Ms. Rodgers!
  • The Art of Submission (Book 1) on Nov. 16, 2012

    THE SHORT: As I post this review, I learned that the author is making THE ART OF SUBMISSION free for the rest of November (so far, on and So gang, count your lucky stars and go type/click/download this deliciously yummy read now! (You can read my review later.) The blurb did not lie—"romantic, erotic, deeply emotional and humorous". Yes, (hell) yes, (unexpectedly) yes, and (delightfully) yes. The blurb also accurately stated "mild BDSM themes"—because most of the BDSM aspects in this first book focus on relatively inexperienced Isabel learning about the lifestyle. As I told a friend, THE ART OF SUBMISSION is perfect for a "vanilla with sprinkles" kind of erotica reader or anyone curious about BDSM. It responsibly handles the BDSM lifestyle, so no need to fear being ripped out of your comfort zone because "the Dom" throws the newbie submissive straight into hard-core BDSM scenes (unlike certain unmentionable books). IMO, the book's eroticism is very well-written and a notch or two higher than some mainstream "romantica" (such as Kresley Cole's IAD series). THE LONG: Sometimes, timing truly is key when it comes to a relationship. Isabel and Dylan meet at the perfect moment in their lives—she is increasingly aware that she wants something different sexually (which comes out in her paintings) and he has been suppressing his need for kink for nearly two years. One look at Isabel's erotic paintings at a gallery event and the rest is history as their funny, tender, smexy and sometimes painful story unfolds in THE ART OF SUBMISSION. And along the way, there are some very interesting twists and turns. I'll confess—I have a weakness for Black Irish. So when I read "amazing blue eyes that are contrasted by his dark hair", I was gone for Dylan. Some might argue that he wasn't a true Dom but I found his character to be refreshingly real and down-to-earth, despite Isabel referring to him as "the" Dylan Young in the beginning. There was his lingering vulnerability due to his parents' sudden death (very mysterious, that) and his caution and trust issues because of his ex-sub. But I especially liked that while he was experienced in the BDSM lifestyle, he wasn't the über-confident Dom, always knowing what to do perfectly and always in control. He's only 30—so again, better realism. [hidden spolier removed for Smashwords] Isabel... well, it took me a bit longer because her personality is so different from mine (and it's been a while since I was 25). But then I recalled some of the chippies my guy friends used to date (not an insult if you knew what I meant by that). Once I had that point of reference, I relaxed and warmed up to her as the story progressed and I read more from her POV. She has major self-esteem issues (read: none) so you can't help but cheer at those moments when she "pulls on her big girl panties" and notice that she gains some confidence in the short time that she knows Dylan. But full disclosure: I found her utter ignorance (naïveté?) of BDSM too much of a stretch at this day and age (internet anyone?). Where did she come up with some of the images for her paintings? And the way she kept messing up "BDSM"... As many reviewers have mentioned, the way the author utilized alternating first person POVs was very disconcerting at first. Except for a few parts, each POV covers the same period/events in the story so the story essentially backtracked every time the POV switched (unlike the normal alternating POV style which picks up immediately from one POV to the other). This made the book unnecessarily redundant and disrupted the overall pace and flow of the story. But at the same time, I really liked reading the scenes completely from each POV. Catch-22, right? Thankfully, the first person narrative and casual style made it easy to feel as if I were inside the main characters' heads (or reading their journal entries). Once I knew what to expect, I eventually settled on reading each POV while skimming over some of the more repetitive parts. (In too much of a hurry to know what happens, I'll save a full read for later. And yes, gang, the editor in me itches to take this gem of a story and polish it up some more to make it really, really sparkle.) As for the end? NOT a cliffhanger, but a definite and very effective hook for the next book (out around December 20, 2012). Personally, I'm hoping for more in-depth BDSM scenes. ^_^ Final note: I LOVED the real paintings by Rebekka Ivacson which the author incorporated into the story/book. Seeing them on a B&W Kindle doesn't do them justice. * Copy provided by the author for an objective review.
  • Whiskey Dreams on Dec. 08, 2012

    (★★★1/2) WHISKEY DREAMS, the prequel to "Haunted Passions", was a fast, pleasurable read because the incredible writing let me relax and simply enjoy the story. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet yet smexy M/M historical romance. Having forgotten everything but that WHISKEY DREAMS was an M/M historical, a mental fly kept buzzing about my head while reading. Not until @ 40% in did I finally realize that the story was a clever re-working of Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". (Yeah, I know, took me long enough but c'mon, I read that decades ago.) Set in 1784 Sleepy Hollow, New York, Ms. Rose's version re-casts Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt as a former Continental Army soldier who is haunted by the death of his lover/fellow soldier during an ambush more than two years ago. Ichabod is replaced with the more agreeable John Crane, who is still a schoolmaster but becomes Brom's lover instead of his rival. And apparently, both are bi-sexual, which sets up nicely for the intro of the lovely Katrina Van Tassel in the latter part of WHISKEY DREAMS (as well as the story in "Haunted Passions"). Given its short length, Brom and John's relationship occurs at hyper-speed. Everything is from Brom's POV so the reader gets a very limited understanding of John. The sex scenes are highly erotic but their first kiss... "... Slowly, recklessly, stupidly, he drew John close. Close enough that he could see bright flecks in his grey eyes, truly silver in the moonlight. ... With a last rush of whiskey-scented breath, Brom pressed his mouth against John’s. ..." Technically, I noticed certain oddities (such as narrative text combined with dialogue) and there were minor edit/proof errors. Nonetheless, it's been quite some time since an author's writing style meshed so well with my mental reading cadence. I don't know how or why I never heard of Ms. Rose or read any of her books. But I'll certainly be remedying that as quickly as possible, starting with Haunted Passions. Because contrary to what the blurb for WHISKEY DREAMS says, it's a stand-alone title only insofar as the main characters meet and the foundations of a potential relationship is set. That's the tease. It's almost—but not quite—an HFN, which pretty much requires the reader to get "Haunted Passions".
  • Hard Candy for Christmas on Jan. 03, 2013

    (★★★½) HARD CANDY FOR CHRISTMAS was the perfect short story for the holidays, and I thank Ms. Dominguez for making it a free download. Please try this if you're looking for a cheeky, sweet and smexy paranormal story with a little Christmas magick. Lia, Nick and Dale are very likable characters (although I couldn't help but think of certain chipmunks once or twice). Although the mutual attraction was immediate upon their first meeting at a club, their relationship develops enough over the weeks before Christmas to sustain the ending. I liked that Lia was so straightforward and confident enough to state what she wanted. Initially portrayed as a bit flighty and self-centered, Lia undergoes personal growth as she starts to worry more about how her delicious "hard candy" (*lol*) were dealing with dating the same woman than the looming deadline to end her curse. HARD CANDY FOR CHRISTMAS is my third story by Ms. Dominguez so I can now see certain consistencies in grammatical and composition errors. However, they were relatively minor here and didn't detract from my enjoyment of this creative story. I got a real kick out of the play on words and the slight role reversal at one point. ^_^
  • Christmas Cracker on Jan. 03, 2013

    I'm not really sure what to make of CHRISTMAS CRACKER. NTM author so I decided to give it a try. Entertaining tale, written well enough, of a frustrated wife whose family is going through some tough times. She's trying to make the best of things but can't help feeling a bit sorry for herself as she wraps Christmas gifts. I won't ruin the ending by saying anything more. However, several things about CHRISTMAS CRACKER bothered me. "Christmas Cracker" is not the title of the story; it's actually "The Camera". (And if you look at the title page, it's not "The Poison Pixie" either.) Also, the blurb is a bit of a tease because the flashback to "their first time two years ago" is of their first sexual "playing", not actual intercourse. More importantly, the actual story is only 8 pages (ended at 27%). The remainder of the noted 30 pages is a list of the author's other works with some excerpts. So yeah, I wasn't expecting much for 30 pages but reaching the end after only 8 felt like hitting a mental brick wall. Not a good way to feel after reading something.
  • The Man of my Dreams (book #1 in The Dream Series) on Jan. 03, 2013

    9-Sept-2012 ORIG REVIEW: Interesting but fizzled at end... Decided to try this author/story when it was available as a free download. I would have rated it as 3 stars up until the end. Although I agree with another reviewer that the writing was a bit amateurish/fan fiction-ish (and the formatting errors in my copy took away from smooth reading flow), I was quickly drawn in by the story, as well as the twist on the traditional vampire lore. Unfortunately, there were too many critical points either glossed over (um, the "gift"?) or ignored, especially at the end, which dropped my rating to 2 stars. I realize that the author contemplated a sequel (thus, the cliffhanger) but still, the end scene seemed poorly thought out and defied the normal suspension of disbelief for fiction. Likeable enough as a free read but given the plethora of vampire fiction, not enough to pay to see if this particular author's writing/story gets any better. ADDED 9-Sept-2012: To clarify, I don't generally mind a cliffhanger in preparation of the next book (setting the stage, if you will), but it bothers me as a reader when not properly done and/or it adversely affects the current book. Yes, books in a series are generally linked together in some way or have a common arc, but the discrete plot/arc of each book usually should be resolved by the end (sort of like finishing the framework of a house before moving on to the sheetrock, plumbing, etc). The way this book ended, the "cliffhanger" was for this story (which I took as how/why Cassie and and her dream man get together), not for the next (which, based on the blurb, appears to be how their relationship develops within an expanded storyline). I don't want to give away the ending of TMOMD, so I'll just say that it was a bit like leaving out part of a house wall. The missing portion is not critical enough to affect the structural integrity of the house itself but it's obvious enough that working around it or correcting it after the fact becomes more awkward and time-consuming.
  • The Importance of Being Denny on Jan. 05, 2013

    Short and sexy M/M story with a bit of angst... If you're unfamiliar with Kari Gregg but like M/M romances, then this free download of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING DENNY may be a good way to try out this author. (See also the free download of "You Melted Me".) In this "second chance" story, Matt and Denny are stepbrothers who had a love/hate relationship growing up. They reunite after a four-year separation caused by Matt's mother. Denny is not happy when Matt tracks him despite a name change and move halfway across the country but is even less thrilled to learn that his stepmother is still determined to either control or ruin his life. The backstory is a bit sketchy but Kari Gregg delivers enough to make it work. What follows is Matt's own determined efforts to set things right, get Denny back in his life, and finally pursue their aborted relationship. Although three years younger than Denny, Matt has always been the more dominant and aggressive one in this relationship and he proves it once again as, persuades Denny into seeing things his way. ;-) THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING DENNY isn't flawless from a technical aspect and its short length left me wanting just a wee bit more (yeah, that greedy reader syndrome ^_^). However, the vivid narrative and smooth prose reminded me why I had enjoyed Kari Gregg's writing and stories so much. Next up—"I, Omega"!
  • You Melted Me on Jan. 05, 2013

    (★★★½) Hot quickie! If you're unfamiliar with Kari Gregg but like M/M romances, then this free download of YOU MELTED ME may be a great way to check out this author while getting a quick taste of some deliciously hot male lovin'. (See also the free download of "The Importance of Being Denny".) Several years ago, I read 3 of Kari Gregg's early works ("Spoils of War", "Lovely Wicked" and "What Rough Beast") but got sidetrack by the usual. Her name came back on my radar recently so I decided to finally rescue YOU MELTED ME from calibre limbo. DAY-UM! Two sentences into the story and I was immediately hooked. Thrown right into bed with Leland and Brian, YOU MELTED ME is a fast shot of hot sex, with a chaser of romance. It's short—too short!—for any substantive character development or plot beyond the basics of who the two are and their immediate circumstances, but Kari Gregg manages to create enough emotional depth so that I could believe in a future for these two. HFN ending so I wouldn't mind a more substantial story about Leland and Brian.