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Having been a small town girl it gives me pleasure to return to one of the many towns that I've lived in over the years. Some haven’t grown much but others have thrived while keeping that small town charm. I hear people talk about big city life being the way to go, I still like a small town though. That may be why I can relate to the Jessica series so well. She gets to watch Springfield grow into a big, for the times, city. Anyone who’s ridden through the area today can see that Springfield is far more than Jessica could have dreamed.

In The Orchard I have once again returned to a small town. Glenns Falls is an ‘everybody knows your name’ kind of town. But the lure of big city life is still there for some like Julie.

She wants nothing more than to ditch country life and be somebody. It takes a man like Johnny and a woman like Maggie to show her that you can be somebody no matter where you’re from.

Other than baking, reading and writing, riding my Harley is a passion and a favorite thing to do. Family vacations on the seat of a bike well outweigh any fun one can have in a car. Can you imagine taking Route 23 in Kentucky or riding the Snake on Route 421 in an RV? It just isn't the same. I do a lot of thinking about what I’m writing in the seat of my Sportster.

I have always been a supporter of people. It has taught me that we should figure out what we have in common, that that unites us, if you will, in order to overcome our differences. This lesson has never been more prevalent than the time I've spent working with handicapped individuals. I've learned some of my greatest life lessons from the most unusual people. Which goes to show that you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

Inspiration for my books comes from many places. Jessica was inspired by my interest in small towns and love of westerns. I wanted to write something my Grandmother would like. The Orchard was born out of a conversation with a friend. Just why would a man shoot not one but two different men? We agreed that it had to be over a woman but had different ideas about the circumstances. Riding home from his house the concept for The Orchard was born. I had to ask myself what kind of man would do that and then it occurred to me what kind of woman would inspire that in a man? In my mind’s eye Maggie would.

I've spent a good deal of my formidable years living in beach towns. It is true that once the sand gets between your toes you are hooked. You can never wash it out. My son graduates high school this year. He was born in a beach town. Once he was old enough to understand that the vacation spot we kept taking him to was where he was born and that we’d moved away for him, he was a little upset. Once he got to know his Grandmothers he thought the trade was worth it.

Grandmothers are important in ones lives. I have quilts that each of mine have made. One I've washed for the last time and have tucked away in my little space in our house. I’m working my way thru the other one. It’s like a warm hug of love as I go to sleep each night. What a wonderful last memory of the day.

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The Orchard- Johnny
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 39,780. Language: English. Published: November 7, 2012. Category: Fiction » Adventure » Action
What kind of man could take another life? What kind of man could take two men's lives at different times? The Orchard- Johnny takes us through the first death. There had to be a woman involved! What kind of woman could inspire that in a man? Meet Johnny and Maggie.

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