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Beginning with the Worst Days series in 2007, Walker has been a misanthropic favorite in the short form gay erotica world, writing under the pen names wanderwonder and acerbicscribbler, among others. His experiences of living and working outside the U.S. often influence his writing. He makes his own cover art, and it is terrible. Though he doesn't like people very much, he loves his half German Shepherd, half German Wirehaired Pointer puppy.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
For the public, probably around 2007. I was poking around online, reading stories that earned the highest spots on top lists, and though, 'I can do way better than this.' So I tried. From there came one of my most popular stories that I can no longer read without cringing.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first that I finished was one I wrote with a friend. We were about eight years old. There was an old software program that allowed users to illustrate their own books: you could choose a background like a field or a house, add terribly pixelated characters, and then type in the blank space underneath. The program really lent itself to fantasy stories, and my friend and I wrote some long-winded tale about a princess who kept getting into trouble with trolls and dragons (we purposely wrote her as very stupid). The poor woman also was captured and forcibly wed on a regular basis, because we found that hilarious to write and illustrate. Just put a princess in a dungeon with ten or twelve babies, each getting into a different rack of armor or pot of soup or whatever else we clicked and dragged onto the page: instant comedy for a couple of 2nd graders. On the next page she'd escape on the back of a flying horse or something. That princess abandoned a lot of offspring, now that I think about it.
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